Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Tudor Queens

In the department of old news, today I have swatches of the four polishes in Rescue Beauty Lounge's fall 2010 collection, inspired by the "Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty". The wives of Henry VIII and I go way back; I played Anne Boleyn in a school pageant in 6th grade, decades before the Tudors series on Showtime or The Other Boleyn Girl book and movie, so there was no way I was passing on Anne from this RBL collection. Catherine was purple, so I needed that one, and Catherine H. was an unusual blue rumored to have no dupe, so that went on my shopping list, and as long as I was getting three of the collection I might as well get Jane and not break up the set. I got in on the pre-order for these, so I've had them since mid-September yet only got around to trying them now. All swatches are two coats, no top coat; as always click on the pics to see bigger (and for these, to see all the colors in the shimmer).

Here's Jane, the quietest of the four. She's a putty color with a very subtle shimmer. On me, she pulls toward the brown side, though I've seen pictures showing that she looks more grey on some people. Because the shimmer was so subtle indoors, I took Jane outside in the sun (third pic below) and the sparkles were very pretty though still rather subtle.

Catherine H. is next; she's a slate blue with brighter blue and purple shimmer.

Just plain Catherine is the deep plum shimmer; she's very rich looking with the deep base color and gold, blue, and bright purple shimmer.

Finally here's Anne; she's got a deep green base with gold, bright olive, and bright purple shimmer—very complex and very pretty.

I don't think there's a bad one in this bunch. I like Anne and Catherine the most and Jane the least, though I can think of situations where Jane would hit the spot perfectly. I can't imagine why I left these in my untrieds for so long.


  1. I think Anne is my favorite :) I love greens. They look quite nice on you though :)

  2. I really like Jane and she pulls brown/beige on me too. I saw it on Ji the one time I went to RBL and it looked much more gray on here. I think it looked better on her, but I still love it!

  3. Great Pictures!! I've had my eye on Catherine H. for a while now!

  4. Anne is awesome, its the only one that is must have for me.

  5. I'll have one of each, thanks! Really like the last three.

  6. Thanks for these :)
    I think I like Jane the most. Do you know how it compares to Playa del platinum? here it looks similar.
    Both Catherines are nice, interesting colors with dimension.

  7. Nice subdued collection...very sophisticated.

  8. Hi Karen

    I also got these - did not get the pale one (Jane is it?) cos I thought it would be too light with my skintone. I think these colours look gorgeous on you but I haven't worn mine either (except one). I was really disappointed with this collection, mainly cos I thought these would be super sparkly (or gold threaded as suggested) and the shimmer is way too subtle for me.

    When I wore Catherine H some smart aleck told me it looked like denim jeans. Nothing wrong with that... but it ain't brocade. :-(

    Maybe I'll give them another try after your swatches though.

  9. I am soooo in love with these. REIT and I might be getting these as a Christmas present to ourselves!

  10. Thanks, everyone!

    hermetic, I've put that comparison on my to do list, so stay tuned please.

    BV, maybe these are meant to complement but not compete with one's elaborate brocade gowns. :)

  11. Anne is my favorite (also the only one I own), but I'm thinking of getting Catherine H. as well. She's beautiful!

  12. Thanks Karen. Brocade gowns... heh.

  13. These are so lovely...I can't think of a better descriptor.


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