Monday, November 8, 2010

Recent NOTD: IsaDora Subway Green plus Nakedness

Perhaps you recall the amazingly durable OPI Mad as a Hatter mani I wore for over a week with no touchups. Rather than take it off after vacation, I topped it with IsaDora Graffiti Nails crack polish in Subway Green, which I'd gotten in a swap with amused Polish. I'd call the results a semi-fail, as the very glittery base showed through not just the cracks between the top coat but through the green color of the top coat as well, so the crackle effect was rather lost. I'll have to try it over a less distracting base color next time. I'll be curious to see if I can get the teal that shows in the bottle to show on the nail, as this time I just got green.

On the plus side, it was a very festive look, perfect for the early Halloween celebration at the company I work for, where plastic spider rings were part of the goodie bags we got.

When I finally took all those layers of polish off, here's what I found. So sad to see the peelies on my index and middle finger (I've already picked at the index finger in this pic; bad, I know).

My right hand was in better shape with the exception of my pinky finger; I'd evidently managed to bang that into something hard enought to split the top layers of the nail yet did not notice any effect on the polish.

Just after I took the pictures of my naked nails, I took off some length and buffed the peelies that remained. I was going to take off some length anyway, as they were getting to the point where they bothered me when typing, especially on my laptop which has a shallower keyboard than my desktop, but I had to take off more than I wanted because of how far the peelies went. At least they weren't on every finger, so that's some progress for me.


  1. Oh no! :( My nails are also peeling like that all the time and I just hate it! I have to shorten them all, again!

    Love the crackle effect and how you can see MAAH through. :)

  2. Oy. I suffer from serious peelies...and then I buff too much to get rid of them then I make my nail to thin...and then I get cracking along the edges. Lose, lose situation.

    I love the bottle color on this polish...and am so surprised with how different it looks on the nail!

  3. Love the crackle unique.

    Yeah, my nails are the same. I think it's from swatching so much :D

  4. Very unique look. If you find a solution for your peelies please please please share. I suffer with them too.

  5. I think the crackles look cool with a glitter background. It's something different than the other crackles :D
    Try some strengthening polish to keep them strong c:

  6. What causes these Peelies? I get them on my one toe and I'm not sure why it happens. Hope it heals up soon!

  7. I don't think this is a fail at all, I just thought it looked great when I saw the pics! I didn't realise it was a crackle straight away, I really like the effect! :)

  8. I think it looks awesome! Not a fail at all.

    And sorry for your naked nail woes.
    I have many of the same ones...I don't even bother trying to fix the peelies anymore. I leave them there until the nail starts to break, and then I cut it off.

  9. Ugh! my nails peel, too. I dip the blunt end of a party toothpick (the thicker, larger ones you stick into finger foods) into nail glue and seal the free edges of my nails and run a little glue on top and under my nails. This really helps to keep everything together, slightly strengthens my tips and lasts for two or three polish changes.

    It helps my nails. :)

  10. Oh Karen... I had a bad break too! It is so weird to type... my fingers feel very vulnerable! hehehe I have read about the whole tea bag nail glue fixing thing - I prefer to go the chop. They always grow back.

    I love the crackle effect, I think it creates a good look with glitter underneath it! Wonder what it would look like with black on top..?

    Again, I wish I could celebrate Halloween here in Oz. Your workplace sounds really cool. thanks for this post

  11. My nails peel terribly so I have had to accept that short nails are my only option, luckily I do now actually prefer short nails with a nice dark glossy polish, your nails are so nice I am sure they will look lovely whatever the length.

  12. Oh no, "the peelies" *shreaks*..that sucks!

    I loved the manicure, the crackle over the glitter is a perfect idea. :)

    Do you use a base coats when you swatch??

  13. Jackie, I usually do wear a base coat when I swatch to smooth out any ridges so they don't distract from the polish. I do sometimes skip it if I'm swatching glitters since they're bumpy regardless (or if I'm in a big hurry, but that's a much less common reason).

  14. Oh no, peeling! My nails do that too.


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