Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Displays

Ah, the day after Thanksgiving, the traditional start of the Christmas shopping season and a perfect time to share all the holiday nail polish displays I've been snapping pictures of for the last month. (Seriously, I saw my first Christmas display the week before Halloween.)

First up, for no particular reason, Orly 'Tis the Season, as spotted at my Sally Beauty:

Left to right: Candy Cane Lane, Glitz & Glamour, Naughty or Nice, Rockin' Rockette, Winter Wonderland, Meet Me Under the Mistletoe.

I've bought three of these Orlys so far; why Winter Wonderland isn't one of them I cannot understand now that I see it again in this picture. I think I thought I'd ordered it online or I would have gotten that last bottle sitting there.

China Glaze called their collection 'Tis the Season to be Naughty and Nice. My Sally's only got about half of the 16 shades. (There were some sets, too, but those were entirely too close to the cash register for even such a generally brave store photo taker like me to want to risk it.)

The Finger Paints Winter Dreams collection (available only at Sally's as far as I know) has six polishes in it; I wouldn't be surprised if I have them all by the time I use my November and December coupons.

Nicole by OPI has four shades in their Holiday Magic collection, one of them a dense multi-glitter that may persuade me to look beyond the awkward bottle shape and buy it. I've seen these at Ulta and Meijer.

Walgreens had this side of the endcap display of Wet 'n' Wild Holiday Magic, which included the Megalast Christmas shades. They are in tiny bottles, but in this display they're packaged with a free top coat, so that makes the $1.99 price easier to take. These shades are named after Santa's reindeer, but I've yet to find a Vixen (there is a Rudolph, that reindeer come lately).

Close up of one of the polish cubbies in the display (someone has shoved bottles that don't belong in back):

I saw a display of just the glitters, no free top coat, at CVS; it was called Vixen's Mittens there.

Rite Aid has what I think are the cutest holiday polishes, the top hat wearing snowmen. Each store has a slightly different assortment, and none of the colors have names, so to avoid getting duplicates accidentally, I resorted to taking group photos of the ones I had already bought and matching those up with the displays I came across.

I've also seen snowmen at Meijer, but not in these displays. At Meijer, they're jumbled into a bin in the stocking stuffers section by the Christmas decor stuff. Meijer has displays with the same artwork as the Rite Aid snowmen ones, but at Meijer those displays have skinny bottles of glitter polish. Some of the colors look the same as the chunky glitter pumpkins from Halloween, but there is also a multi glitter that resembles a less refined version of OPI Mad as a Hatter; I grabbed that one right away.

Meijer also has the Studio M holiday display, Cozy Up to Color.

Left to right: Ego Trip, Cupid & Vixen, Sleigh Bells, Sexy Siren, Gel-ous, Rudolph, Oh Joy, Tinsel Time, and Sugar Plums.

It's a pretty assortment, but I've seen most of these colors before. Ego Trip, Sexy Siren, and Gel-ous are available down the aisle with those same names in the core display, and I strongly suspect several others are re-promotes with new names. Sigh.

I'll have swatches of some of these in later entries and some will show up as nails of the day and some will even be prizes in a quick contest I'm planning for early December. Please stay tuned!


  1. I wish there would be more swatches of the Studio M polishes, whenever I see a bottle they always look nice. Thanks for all these great pictures!

  2. thanks for sharing, lots of holiday collections coming out this year. Hopefully I will find those thate are not available in Canada discounted when I hit up the states in January :) *crosses fingers*

  3. Mehhhh. I just want Perplex and the Milani Glitters to come to mejier!

  4. It is somewhat frustrating that half of these are not available in canada....grrr

    the snowmen polishes are so cute.

  5. the snowman are so cute! I finally got one!

  6. Aww adorable snowmen bottles! :D I never see anything that cute in the uk.

  7. I wish I could find half of these great displays. You are killing me posting them. LOL Just more things I want that I can't find.

  8. So many pretty polishes. I have only seen the Orly and China Glaze ones before.

  9. Thank you SO much for doing these! I love the snowmen... so cute!

    I am both glad and not glad to be living in the US. Not glad because I would have to buy so much more nail polish. Glad because I would have to buy so much more nail polish. Yes, it is a complex problem! LOLz.



    PS Vixen's mittens actually gave me a chuckle... what a great name!

  10. The snowmen are just too adorable!

  11. First, thanks for these posts! I think I've said this already, but I really love them...they're like nail news or something.

    That that black and holo glitter?! Be still, my heart! ;__;

    And I'm so damn jealous of your stores...even though there is a CVS on every corner in DC, all of them are useless. Their shelves are full of perfume sets and useless holiday crap. If you're gonna put up holiday stuff, at least make it good.


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