Thursday, January 20, 2011

Butter London: Victoriana

Victoriana is a dusty blue shimmer, a blue which leans decidedly toward the green side of its nature. The silver shimmer in this one is much more prominent than that in Marrow, which I posted yesterday. Like Marrow, Victoriana took only two coats.

The closest thing I can think of that I own to this is Rescue Beauty Lounge's 360, but that's nowhere near as shimmery as Victoriana. I'm happy to have both.


  1. I have RBL 360, but this looks pretty too :)

  2. OMG I must be going off teals and blue-greens big-time. This just doesn't call to me. Hey, saves me money....

  3. Gorgeous Colour!!

    Ive never tried these polishes before, i think i need to get hold of some!!

  4. What an unusual color. I'm surprised the other companies haven't jumped to make dupes.

  5. WOW, this is absolutely stunning~
    The shimmer in it is...WOW.

  6. I've been wanting this, looks like it definitely lives up to my projected expectations!

  7. All these Butter London polishes you have are gorgoeus!

    I want some too! :D

  8. I love this! If I had to pick a Butter London polish to buy it would be this one. I love the colour and the name! :)


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