Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not Nail Wheel Wednesday

I obviously don't have enough Butter London polishes to do a nail wheel for BL week, but that's not the main reason there's no wheel today. The main reason is that I used the time I'd normally have painted one to work on this baby quilt instead, so it would be ready in time for the shower at which the woman who paid me to make it will give it to her niece who's expecting a baby girl in a few months.

If you're into quilting, you can read more about this one over on my online journal in this entry.

Marrow will be along later today to continue Butter London Week.


  1. How very gentle, subtle and tasteful. Much nicer than the ghastly bright pink that is so popular in the UK.

  2. Oh, very neat! This is something I would love to learn how to do! Your quilt is beautiful.

  3. Ooh, very nice work! I have a quilt that I received as a baby and it's still in near perfect condition.

  4. Beautiful work! My mother quilts and I'm jealous as I can't thread a needle! I'm sure the recipient is going to be thrilled with this work of art! x jeanie


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