Friday, January 14, 2011

Some Number of Things Tag

Rachel Marie and Cel both tagged me with a 7 Things meme. I've decided to turn it into a 3 things meme because if I waited until I was inspired to come up with 7 things for each of the questions I might never get around to it.

Things I want to do before I die:
—Visit Australia and New Zealand
—Visit Hong Kong
—Ski every named run at my "home" mountain

Things I say all the time:
—Nice signalling, idiot. (Sarcastically to myself, in the car, in response to other drivers)
—Awesome! (Not sarcastically. Mr. Karen wishes I would save it for really big stuff)
—Marklar (Inspired by the South Park episode)

Things I'm good at:
—Quilting (especially the fabric selection and arrangement part)
—Making people laugh

Flaws I need to work on:
—Have difficulty letting go (of things and distressing thoughts both)


Bloggers I'm tagging:
Crazy for Polishes is like two nail blogs in one, as two friends write for it; both do a lot of fun nail art.

Goose's Glitter does lots of swatches and nail art and takes great photos of all of them.

Nailoholic does a lot of entries that make me think "hey, I should put that polish on my wishlist".

As always, taggees, if you don't want to do this one or have already done it, no problem; I mostly use these types of things just to link to blogs I like.


  1. Great tag! I am also very impatient but I try to be patient for as long as I can lol

  2. Hey,you have an award over at my blog!!

  3. Awh that's very kind of you! I think I am a same kind of person like you are. Will do this tag right now!

  4. Thankkks:), you are so nice. I just did mine. and it seems we are quiet alike. I want to visit Australia too and I'm incredibly impatient:)

  5. I'd definitely want to visit Australia and Hong Kong! :) I plan to study abroad in Hong Kong but I'm not completely decided yet lol.

    I also tagged you with the Stylish Blog Award! :)

    - Katherine


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