Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wheel W: Plum Shimmers

I might as well start every Nail Wheel Wednesday post with the standard disclaimer that yes, I know I have too many similar colors in my stash. Today it's plummy shimmers. Some of these are on the brown side of plum, some on the red side, but they all sort of seemed to go together when I was pulling bottles to swatch.

Nail wheel

1. OPI Queen of West Web-erly (3 coats)
2. OPI Catherine the Grape (3)
3. Sally Hansen Salon Alchemy (3)
4. Maybelline Express Finish Plushed Plum (3)
5. Cover Girl NailSlicks Midnight Rose (3)
6. Sally Hansen New Lengths Tangy Beet Frost (4) [this has thinned with age; wish I would!]
7. OPI Eiffel for This Color (3)
8. Ulta Femme Fatale (3)
9. Massini Catwalk Queen (2)
10. Sally Hansen Salon Plum It (3)
11. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Deeply Violet (3)
12. Essie Damsel in a Dress (3)
13. OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight (2)
14. OPI Concord Grape (3)
15. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Problem Child (2)
16. GOSH Mystery Night (2)
17. Maybelline Salon Finish Amped Aubergine (2)
18. Sally Hansen Salon Plum Licorice (2)
19. Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Real Royal (2)
20. Chanel Strong (2)

The suprising thing to me was how very much alike a lot of these look once past the first coat. I did some quick swipes on paper before I started painting the wheel to get an idea which ones should go where; there are several different base colors in these, but one or two coats later those differences mostly disappear.

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20 (where I picked up #19 without a front label, I don't recall; probably Big Lots):

As usual, I see some polishes that I can weed out of my stash without really reducing my color options at all. Just one from the 16 to 20 group should be sufficient, for instance. Number 5, the Cover Girl, is a definite keeper; it looks plain from a distance but up close that silver peeks out, and I love that sort of thing. When I will do this weeding out is still a matter for speculation.


  1. WOw nice work! I have a do you keep up with your nail wheels. I will organize and do mine, but when I get a bunch of new polish it bugs me and confuses me on how to fit these new ones in

  2. Wow, it's really a surprise, how different they are on the first coat from the two or three coats!

  3. My favorite color all spelled out on a color wheel. Wow oh, wow! I love vampy purples. :)

  4. Wow!! Awesome dark vampy purple! I really need to do this to my collection.

  5. How many polishes do you have? I refused to keep track until this Zoya madness and it was more than I thought. O_o

    Keep the wheels coming. Great resource you provide here!

  6. Love SH Problem Child! The flakies in it are so fancy!

  7. :) I'd love to see some picture of your stash!
    I picked up number 19 at big lots too. Mine had a label :p.

  8. I love number 2 and 15. I would be lost trying to organize all those colours on a nail wheel.

  9. I love looking at these. It's fun to pick out which ones are my favorite and then see which brands they are. Upon first glance, the Maybelline one was my favorite! (#4)

  10. I agree with you about nr 5 polish. Those sparkles make it very interesting.

  11. I tagged you :-)

  12. ShaGlam, I don't really have much wisdom for you on that, as I've only recently started swatching my collection on wheels. If (when?) I get to the point where everything is swatched, I suppose I'd start a new wheel for each color/finish combination as I got new polishes and just not worry about fitting them in with the ones already done.

    Ulmiel, exactly!

    Kimberly, :)

    Megan Harmeyer, I'm finding it really helpful to spot dupes and "close enoughs".

    kittypolishnbags, I don't know the exact number, but it's somewhere between "quite a lot" and "a truly ridiculous amount". Someone once called my collection "crazy but very well organized". :) I did a post showing my stash back in July; it's grown a bit since then so my swap things no longer fit in the Helmers:

    Fer, that's another definite keeper for me. :)

    Serena, I do feel a bit overwhelmed sometimes but then remind myself I can always do a wheel over if I really don't like how it turns out (so far I haven't).

    Jennifer, glad you like them! Maybelline has done really good stuff sometimes.

    migdall, sparkles make most things better. :)

    Miranda, thanks!

  13. hey, I'm sure you've already been through this process, but I tagged you for the stylish blogger award. V=

  14. Wow!! what a collection!! I would really like to see more of this!!

  15. amazing...they are all look alike on wheel :-)


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