Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wheel V: Golds

Since I had just that one last straggler snowman to swatch, today's wheel is golds in a mix of finishes (unlike silvers, I don't have a ton of these so couldn't just do shimmers or foils).

Nail wheel

1. Sally Hansen New Lengths Gold-Digger Frost (3 coats)
2. Revlon Street Wear Halo (3)
3. Unnamed gold microglitter snowman (3)
4. Sally Hansen New Lengths Fil-A-Greed Frost (4)
5. Maybelline Express Finish Gold Dee-light (3)
6. Sally Hansen New Lengths Sequin Frost (3)
7. Revlon Gold Get 'Em (3)
8. Maybelline Express Finish Gold Aluminum (2)
9. Maybelline Express Finish Diva Gold (2)
10. Ulta Professional Tilted Halo (2)
11. Orly Luxe (2)
12. Milani My Network (2)
13. Borghese Trevi Gold (3)
14. Nina Ultra Pro Velveteen Rabbit (2)
15. Petites Universe (5—yep, it's sheer)
16. Sally Hansen Salon unnamed mini (3)
17. Sally Hansen Salon Tassel (3)
18. Borghese Ipnotico Gold (3)
19. Maybelline Express Finish Matte Gold (3)
20. Orly Solid Gold (2)

I neglected to take any detail shots in my lightbox, so instead I have a few I did in the warm glow of my desk lamp. The colors aren't true, but you can at least have a closer look at some of the finishes. All of these are without topcoat, though some definitely could benefit from it.

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Bottles 1 through 4 (back in the lightbox):

5 through 9:

10 through 14:

15 through 20:

When I get around to getting serious about pruning my stash, a bunch of the polishes on this wheel can go. Numbers 8, 9, and 16 through 19 are just not that flattering with my skintone, and 2, 3, 15, and 16 are borderline. I can't make a case for keeping all four cool-toned foils (10 through 13) so some of those will have to move on to other homes at some point. I was surprised by how similar Orly Luxe and Milani My Network (11 & 12) are out of the bottle, because in the bottle the Orly looks much more cool-toned.


  1. Those snowman polishes are just too cute! (The bottle xD)
    I want your wheels >:O
    Mine are just on this 300 piece chart D:

  2. Golds are some of my favorites! These are all fabulous! Your wheel posts are just the best! x jeanie

  3. I'm still searching for a pretty gold that goes well with my skintone. This well certainly help, thanks! I have my eyes on Sally Hansen Salon Tassel ;)

  4. Man, the only gold I have is Orly Lux and I am yet to wear it. I sat there with it in my hand and thought about it on NYE, but just couldn't get it on the felt too boring for some reason.

  5. Maybe you can franken the ones you are pruning? :)

  6. Revlon Gold Get 'Em looks so different next to other golds.

    I love #18. Borghese (I hope I spelled that right) polishes are so pretty!

  7. Karen, I AM opening up my giveaway to the US. I had a rethink and decided to go global! You're in. You don't even have to do the survey but it would be great if you did!

  8. Such pretty golds, I wish I could wear them, but like you said, it's difficult get one that flattered skin tone. I normally end up with banana hands! :S


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