Saturday, January 29, 2011

Post-Holiday Displays

There seems to be a bit of a lull in new nail polish displays being put out in the stores I frequent, but there have been a few different ones pop up in recent weeks.

Rite Aid has a new to them (and me) brand, oke doke (the fact that the name has both horizontal lines over the e's and periods after each word annoys me so I'm protesting by not putting them in).

Left to right: Steal This Teal, Hot Tomato, Goldilocks, Pink This, Purple Nurple, Camo Loco.

The oke doke are $1.99; I didn't note how big the bottles are, not especially tiny at any rate.

Also at Rite Aid, there's the relaunch of Jesse's Girl, in new bottles that I like much better than the old rectangular ones with the boxy caps.

I believe sixteen colors were released in these new bottles, though this first display I saw only had fifteen of them. Here's the list: Riff-Raff (brown shimmer), Glee (turquoise flecked shimmer that looks like Zoya Charla & its dupes), Confetti (purple/blue flecked shimmer), Fire Fly (winter white flecked shimmer), Spring Break (warm lilac creme), Crush (bright orange creme), JulieG (bright coral creme), Wham Bam (warm red creme), Blue Moon (blue/purple shimmer), Wild Thing (bright plum creme), Baby Cakes (bright pink creme), Beach Baby (neon pink creme), Midori (bright green frost), Fools Gold (warm gold shimmer), Breathless (fuchsia shimmer), Flirt (dusty rose shimmer—this is one missing from the display). These are priced at $2.99 and the bottles hold .35 ounces (10 ml).

Borghese is doing a relaunch as well; I first saw the display at Rite Aid but have since seen it at Ulta, too. There are new core colors and a new quick dry line, Rapido, which has white caps. Seems like this would have been a good time to redesign the bottles to update the look, but they didn't ask me. There's a line on the display that says "If you like Chanel, Lancôme, or Estée Lauder nail lacquer, try Borghese nail lacquer." I guess that might be a response to the complaints some have made that their price point (usually $8.00) is too high for a drugstore polish.

There are nine Rapido colors in the display (though I saw the new permanent display at Ulta and there were slots for more Rapido colors than this, so I'll be stalking that to see when they fill it). This batch of Rapido includes: Maraschino (cherry pink creme), Marino (bright blue creme), Mochaccino (taupe shimmer), Rosso (red creme), Menta (mint green shimmer), Chroma (silver foil), Vigneto (purple shimmer), Anemone (red violet shimmer with blue flash), and Limoncello (medium olive green shimmer). The new core colors are: Riviera Sunset (coppery bronze shimmer), Arrivederci Mist (taupe creme), Buon Viaggio Mauve (mauve creme), Tempesta Black (black with silver shimmer), and Euro Green (deep olive green shimmer). I'm not sure why they decided to use some of the names from last year's Tutti Gelati collection for the Rapidos; these new Menta and Limoncello don't look anything like the old ones, for instance.

Wet 'n' Wild has a new quick dry line also; it's called Fast Dry (or perhaps fastdry, but that looks weird to me). I've seen it both in special displays and in reset core displays. The first time I saw it was in a small display on an endcap at Meijer; that one only had about half the new colors, though all of them were available down the aisle in the new core display. I've also seen these at Walgreens in a side of the endcap display; that did seem to have all the colors.

There are 18 colors: FuchsiaRama (bright plum creme), Saved by the Blue (blue shimmer), Sage in the City (green shimmer), Ebony Hates Chris (black creme), Party of Five Glitters (multi glitter in clear base), Silvivor (silver foil), Buffy The Violet Slayer (purple shimmer), Gray's Anatomy (grey shimmer), Blue Wants to Be a Millionaire (light blue scattered holo glitter), SaGreena the Teenage Witch (green shimmer), Hannah Pinktana (purple-y pink scattered holo glitter), (orange shimmer), How I Met Your Magenta (bright pink shimmer), The Wonder Yellows (yellow shimmer), Teal Or No Teal (teal shimmer), Everybody Loves Redmond (red creme), The Gold & The Beautiful (gold shimmer), Teal of Fortune (turquoise flecked shimmer, another Charla-esque laquer). Like Borghese, some of these names are being re-used; I know I got a Gray's Anatomy and a Buffy the Violet Slayer from last year's Craze tv collection. Grrr. I don't need that kind of confusion.

Also spotted at Walgreens, a sticker I hadn't seen before on one of the displays:

I doubt it will work, as the clueless people who use polish in the store and mess up displays are probably too clueless (or self-absorbed) to read directions, but I give Walgreens credit for trying.


  1. I love these posts! I look at them and wish the stores here would get displays (and brands) like those. Here it's like: "Wow.. Still the same Catrice display, yay?" LOL :D

  2. You found so many full displays - lucky! I think I'm going back to Rite Aid to get Camo Loco. Fingers crossed Oke Doke has a nice formula :)

  3. I so enjoy your display posts. Most of the brands showed we don't have available here so it's always fun to see them.

  4. haha, that "do not test nail polish" picture is hilarious :D

    here (mostly essence-displays) are painted with nail polish to test them...

  5. I love posts like these! I can never find these where I live. I finally found the Wet N Wild fast drys, but it was a mini display with like 5 or so.

  6. Do you know if the Wet N Wild's are part of their permanent collection? I have to go hunt for Party of 5 and Gray's Anatomy still. Ugh, they are hard to find here.

  7. kittypolishnbags, I believe they are going to be core; I've seen them in the regular display "wall" at Meijer around here.

  8. Love the don't test sticker! It should be bigger and NEON.

  9. hahha oke doke looks like a pirated Tokidoki. Is that the feel they are going for???

  10. I saw the oke doke ones in my Rite Aid earlier this week, and I actually snapped a quick pic because the Purple Nurple name amused me. I almost sent it to you but then I figured you'd already have seen it...

  11. You have awesome drugstores in your area---full displays!! I rarely find them. I want to try the Jessie's girl polish called JulieG It looks like the perfect spring & summer coral...and a couple of the Borghese look pretty. I haven't used them yet, but want to.

  12. Thanks, ladies!

    The Green Fairy, it definitely has a bit of that same feel, doesn't it? Wouldn't be at all surprised if that's what they were going for.

    harmony, by all means, send me any pics you like--different stuff shows up at different times where I am and I'd hate to miss anything. :)


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