Sunday, April 15, 2012

DERMADoctor Calm Cool and Corrected

I finished up a jar of product so decided this was a good time for another installment of Skin Care Sunday. The last time I did one, last November, I mentioned that I didn't think the Boots No. 7 Calm Skin Redness-relief Gel was doing anything much for me and I'd bought something else to fill that slot in my routine when the Boots was gone. That replacement was the thing I finished up: DERMADoctor Calm Cool and Corrected.

This retails for $85 per 1.7 oz. container, which is quite a lot more than I usually spend on a skincare product. I figured it would be worth it if it worked for me. The jar confused me when I first opened it. It's a pump dispenser where the product wells up out of the center when you push down the top that's revealed when you remove the outer cap, but I didn't get that until I tried unsuccessfully to unscrew that inner cap, too. I guess it's not so different than how Zoya Remove+ gets out of its bottle; I'd just not seen this sort of mechanism in similarly shaped skin care product containers before.

I'm frugal when it comes to some things, so when the pump stopped giving me product, I did figure out how to unscrew it to get the last bits of lotion out. I was quite surprised to see that the part of the container that the product had occupied was but a very small fraction of the total height of the jar. I couldn't see that the empty space underneath the product was needed to make the pump work, so I think it's there just to make the container bigger and heavier and make it seem like one is getting more for one's money. It sure doesn't seem environmentally sound, and none of the components were labeled for recycling, either.

Despite my discomfort with the excess packaging, I still would have bought more if my face looked noticeably less red than before I'd started using it, but it didn't. Here's me, bare faced, after months of using the Calm Cool & Corrected. I'm still quite rosy.

The product I bought to replace this makes no claims to redness reduction, so my other moisturizer is just going to have to carry that load. The new stuff is supposedly going to help my tone, firmness, and elasticity. We'll see about that; I do know for sure that it smells good.


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  1. Hmm nice review. It's sad that it didn't reduce any redness :/ The container seems interesting, but I agree that it's funny to have this kind of dispenser for a skin care product.

  2. yikes...a little expensive for would cut into my polish shopping too much! I have a rosy glow too in same areas as you and haven't found anything that dimenishes it...other than blended makeup!

  3. what a strange dispenser for a skincare product... You could try Control Corrective, they have a lot of redness relief serums/moisturizers

  4. Sorry I am commenting on this so late, I have a lot of catching up to do on my Google Reader. I have been using the La Roche-Posay Toleriane line and it really helps with my redness.

  5. Did you use it with their Born to be Mild Cleanser? If not, you should. I find the combo a perfect solution to my issues.


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