Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wheel D3: Pink to Fuchsia to Plum Shimmers (Plus a Purple Dress)

Some of today's polishes for Nail Wheel Wednesday are very subtle shimmers, and one of them could arguably be on a glitter wheel, but they are all from the same end of the color spectrum and some days that's the best I can do.

1. Ulta Pro First Dance (3 coats)
2. Studio M Basket Case (3)
3. OPI Shangri-la-la Lilac (3)
4. Sally Hansen Beyond Perfect Pink Lilac (3)
5. Sweet Serenity unlabeled (4)
6. Sweet Serenity unlabeled (4)
7. Sweet Serenity unlabeled (4) [all the Sweet Serenity were tricky to work with, but this one especially gave me fits]
8. Borghese Piccola Tulip (2)
9. Jordana Wild Over Orchid (3)
10. Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition Byte (3)
11. Orly Gorgeous (3)
12. OPI Purple-opolis (2)
13. Sally Hansen Salon Mulberry Glaze (2)
14. OPI Kinky in Helsinki (2)
15. Pure Ice Rio (2)
16. Borghese Vignetto Berry (2)
17. Orly Happily Ever After (2)
18. Essence Eclipse Don't Bite Me Kiss Me (2)
19. Nox Twilight Sugar Plum (3)
20. Zoya Jacy (2)

Bottles 1 through 4:

5 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:

On some of the detail photos below, you'll see what look like tiny claw marks. This is what happens when one paints a bunch of wheels at one time and then stacks them up to carry to the other room for photos before they are quite dry.


On an unrelated to nails note, when I was on my five looks in four days trip, I got to participate in a fashion show featuring garments from Igigi, which is a website that sells clothing in sizes 12 to 32 (US). I modeled the Paloma Dress.

The reason I am telling you this here is that I'm doing a giveaway for a $50 Igigi gift certificate over on my journal site, where I did a review, and thought some of you reading might be interested in getting in on that. International readers are welcome to enter, just make sure that Igigi ships to your country (see the Igigi shipping and delivery page for details). Deadline for that is May 15, 2012, and the information on how to enter is in my review.


  1. My favorite swatch is 16. I like all the glitter and shimmer.

  2. So pretty! Did you get to keep the dress? It looks great on you!

    1. Thanks Gail, I did get to keep the dress!

  3. Love 1, 10 & 19. I like the dress, but I'm in love with the shoes! you looked great.

  4. A few things: You've just added about 9 purple polishes to my "needs" list. Secondly, I love the dress!!! Such a pretty color and I love the shape of it! Thirdly, Since reading your tab about "Blog Name Explained", I giggle uncontrollably ever time I see it ;-) haha

  5. 16. Borghese Vignetto Berry - I NEED it, I didn't know until now LOL
    Oh woow, I know a super model, yay, way to go Karen, you look gorgeous!!

  6. My favorite colors!!! Love! Love that dress.

  7. So many beautiful polishes! Thanks for the swatches. Your dress looks amazing!!!

  8. You look awesome in that dress! What a great giveaway!

    I'm sooo happy that no 16 is my fave of the wheel...and what's best is I already have tracking down lemmings!

  9. I like all of those! Always been a fan of purples. That dress looks beautiful on you!

  10. I usually prefer fuchsia polishes, but in this period I'm feeling very attracted towards light and pale pinks. Ulta Pro First Dance is my favourite of the group. :)

  11. You look fab in that dress and the shoes. I love 20 the best. I like how dark and rich it is!

  12. I love when you show these color wheels. OPI Shangri-la-la Lilac caught my eye lol. Omg you look amazing! The dress looks fab!

  13. That's such a pretty dress! It looks lovely on you! <3

    ~ Yun

  14. A super model needs yet another award ;)
    - and I hope you will accept it - more information is found here:

  15. lovely dress and the shoes, you look nice in it :-D

  16. Nail related: I totally love #13 and 16 and I'm adding them to my ever growing wishlist.
    Not nail related: I love your shoes and your bracelet!

  17. That's a really nice dress, looks great on you!


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