Saturday, August 18, 2012

Housekeeping and Bonus Displays

The Q-Tips Precision Tips giveaway has ended (I thought I had it set to run longer but Rafflecopter didn't think so, and I can't see where to see those details now that it's closed). I'll be picking a winner as soon as I get some time to figure out how Rafflecopter works for doing that (I hope Monday or Tuesday).

The P&G eStore discount is still going until August 31st; see this post for details if you missed it.

And as long as my display post yesterday was, there were still a few things I didn't get in it, mostly because the polishes in the displays had already appeared in an earlier display post, just not in that particular configuration. Like this super size Wet 'n' Wild Magnetic display I saw when I made a quick trip to Maryland; this has six of each color instead of just two like the one I first saw.

Then there's this Nabi Crack display that's just like the one I shared earlier this year, except it has a display card on it that the other one didn't.

The reason I didn't send that one to the recycle bin is the photo looked familiar.

Today I stumbled across why—it appears to be the same woman that's on the L.A. Girls Magnetic display:

I love making connections like that; I don't know why it's so satisfying, but it is. And now the display folder is well and truly empty. It'll fill up again, no worries.


  1. HA! its true they are. I always do that to but with actors in commericals. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.

  2. I just saw that WnW display at my Walgreens! Thankfully after looking them over I realized I only needed one. :D If all goes well I'll be trying it out tomorrow night for Magnetic Monday. lol

  3. No wonder that poor woman is touching her head like that, she has an awful headache from being all over the place LOL - thanks for sharing these too, all though the title housekeeping made me think, that you would show some kind of good old housekeeping muahhh

  4. I like the connections too! :D
    Is Nabi and L A Girl owned by the same company? Or is it just a stock photo? Didn't they think anybody would notice? Tut tut! :D

  5. Haha that is so funny that it is the same model, good eye!! And holy wow on that Nabi crack display, do you think there's enough in there? lol

  6. Maybe the photographer sells his pics to any company that will buy them :)

  7. lol same girl? Crazy haha
    That's a lot of crackle polishes!

  8. Love connections :-) I do that with actors (but it's not funny because my husband can't remember or better doesn't care about faces/names as I do).


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