Sunday, August 5, 2012

Proctor & Gamble eStore

One of the aspects of being a part of the BlogHer Publishing Network that I didn't take advantage of right away was the opportunity to do sponsored posts through BlogHer. I wanted to have a little experience with the BlogHer organization before I expanded my participation. Now that I've got some months under my belt and things have been going well with the ads, I felt comfortable putting my name in when the potential to do a post for Proctor & Gamble's eStore came up. P&G I know. I've used their Olay Daily Facial Cloths for years. I started in the summer of 2000, when I was traveling three weekends out of four. The cloths were easy to pack, so I could keep the same routine at home or away, and since they work for removing eye makeup as well as washing my face, I didn't need to bring along a separate make up remover. Once my summer of road trips ended, I kept using them, and still do. Thank goodness they've not been discontinued. I usually use the combination/oily ones during the summer and the normal ones the rest of the year, though I have used the sensitive ones sometimes when my skin seemed to need that.

Given my long and positive experience with the Olay cloths, I'm thinking of trying the Olay Regenerist Skin Care line. It's anti-aging, which certainly fits the bill for me, and it might be good to use products that are designed to work together rather that cobbling together my own routine. There's a Regenerist Starter Trio Pack on the P&G eStore, which is offering 10% off for new customers from now through August 31, 2012, with free shipping on orders of $25 or more, so that makes it even more enticing. (I also looked at my Daily Cleansing Cloths, and I might stock up, since they've got a coupon on those now that makes them way cheaper than my usual sources.)

If you want to check out the P&G eStore, please consider clicking through from the widget below, as that way I'll get a commission on anything you purchase which I can then use to pay for more polish to share here. (You don't have to buy the Olay Regenerist for me to get polish money; that's just the featured product I chose. Your friends and family can click through, too.) If you find any good deals, share them in the comments! I saw some bundles and Olympic-themed packages when I was poking around earlier.

Olay Regenerist Skin Care Starter Trio Pack


  1. Can't wait to hear how the Regenerist works out. People tell me I'm not "old" yet, but an ounce of prevention!

  2. Proctor & Gamble tests their products on animals. I no longer support companies that continue to abuse animals.


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