Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wheel H5: Glitters from L.A. Colors and Other Brands

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Time for multi-colors on Nail Wheel Wednesday, which around here often means glitter, as it does today. Unlike most glitter wheels, I didn't put topcoat on these. I didn't write down why I skipped it; I assume I was probably in a hurry and told myself most of these weren't that bumpy anyway. All are three coats, except for #3, which is four, and #16, which is two.

1. LA Colors Color Craze Sassy Sparkle
2. LA Colors Color Craze unknown [the set of minis I got didn't have shade names, even on the packaging]
3. LA Colors Color Craze Sparkling Diamonds [the tape you see on the bottom of the bottle is from me cutting out and attaching the shade name from the packaging; I got these at Dollar Tree, where they're sold attached to cards]
4. LA Colors Color Craze unknown
5. LA Colors Color Craze unknown
6. LA Colors Color Craze unknown
7. LA Colors Color Craze Glistening Purple
8. LA Colors Color Craze Jewel Tone
9. LA Colors Color Craze Aqua Crystals
10. LA Colors Color Craze Treasure Island
11. LA Colors Rainbow Glitter
12. Quirius The Arabian Nights
13. Quirius Glittering Rainbow [well, I assume it's glittering; my label actually says "glitting"]
14. Spells by Nubar Purple Fire
15. Spells by Nubar Sour Candy [found this and #14 in literally dusty nail supply; wish I'd bought more colors]
16. Essie Ruby Slippers [label says it's Rubies Slippers; the mini set with this in it was my best TJ Maxx find ever]
17. Essie Silver Bullions
18. Essie Carnival
19. Savvy Touch of Glitter
20. Savvy Tinsel [seems to have the same glitter as #19, just more of it]

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:


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  1. The sponser box doesn't bother me.

  2. I am not bothered either ;) I tried to have some money back through adSense, and they told me my posts didn't have enough content... I was like WTF, keep your money and f*ck off.

    Another brilliant nail wheel! Your wheels are like going to the candy store!

  3. I hate that some of the LA Colors don't have names. It makes me crazy. I don't mind the ad at all. I hope it brings you some polish money :)

  4. Ooh glitters!! And lots of them! I like them all!!! :)

  5. Yay glitter! I really like that Quirius Glittering Rainbow one!

  6. I use AdBlock with Firefox and I cannot see the box. However, even if I could, I would not be bothered - I certainly appreciate that polish adds up, and hosting does as well. You gotta do what you gotta do.

  7. Loving the glitter nail wheel!!!! I also have adblock and can't view the box.

  8. Love the old Nubars! So many great layering/topcoat options here!

  9. I'm not bothered :). I like so many glitters from this wheel! :)

  10. Definitely not bothered :)
    Love the glitters!


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