Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cliché Look and New York

Thanks to a swap I did with Akuma Kanji of Under the Gravity's Nails, today I have some polishes from Portugal to share. First though, here's a peek at the whole bunch of stuff that she sent, including the wonderful little notes she attached to everything. The Christmas sweets are long gone now—I ate them up, even the crumbs from the few that got crushed in the mail. The polishes will last a lot longer; there are goodies from all sorts of brands I can't get here: Inocos, Yes Love, Andreia, Cliché, DERMExcellence, and Love Me.

As usual when faced with a whole lot of new polishes, I had trouble deciding where to start. I decided to go with the most neutral one to give my eyes a rest from all the glitzy holiday stuff that I've been swatching, so I grabbed Cliché Look, which I know comes from the Moda collection thanks to the helpful note that came with it. This is a medium taupe with golden shimmer, very elegant. I used three coats, no topcoat, for these swatches. I might have been able to stop at two, but I was trying to camouflage the repair I did to my middle nail after I ripped the tip nearly off while ill-advisedly changing the sheets on our bed with bare nails (not even a treatment coat—dumb, dumb, dumb).

The gold shimmer pops in low light:

Of course, being me, I could not resist the glitter she sent, Cliché New York, so added a coat of that on top of Look. Per the note attached to it, this is from the Glamour collection and is a failed dupe of Risqué Cobertura Encantada, which is a flakie, not a glitter, but I don't mind, because I don't believe I have a glitter quite like this one. It's got a very sheer orange base with small glitter in bright green and copper and orange and gold. It'll be perfect for autumn.

I am so happy to have these in my stash; thanks Akuma Kanji!


  1. I have some Cliche polishes as well and I love them! They have so many colours to choose from :)

  2. What a great swap! Looking forward to seeing the swatches of the others!

  3. Ooh beautiful! Looks like you received some awesome and yummy items :D

  4. What a lovely haul, and that color/layering looks beautiful on you.
    I agree, eating cookies while doing your nails isn't a smart choice LOL

  5. great swap, don't know this brand but looks really pretty!

  6. I am very happy that you liked everything, specially New York, the failed dupe :P I never get tired of looking at your swatches because I think your nails are so perfect, smooth and cute :D Oh, I am also happy that you liked the Portuguese traditional sweets ^__^

  7. OMG Look is amazing! :D Love it.

  8. Great swap! Beautiful combo! :)

  9. These are gorgeous! I love Cliché Look!

  10. Very interesting colours! Love that glitter!

  11. I like Anuka very much she own my 1st Short giveaway!
    Grate swapp.
    Cliché it`s a very popular portugues brand that we have.
    I love them and can`t se my nail polish life with out that brand.
    The Look it`s from the fall colection and i like it very much.
    And New York you have to triet over a black polish it goes green.
    Thanks for following.



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