Monday, December 17, 2012

Displays of Many Colors

This week before Christmas is a good time to avoid shopping since places get so crowded, but it's a fine time to catch up with posting some displays that wouldn't fit into my last display post.

First, a first for me—I set foot in an Urban Outfitters store. I had some of their polishes in my stash already, thanks to kind friends and the internet, but I'd never gone to one of their stores because neither of the locations closest to me are on my way to or from any other places I frequent. What got me to make a special trip was seeing swatches of their holos. I found the polish display easily enough; it was facing the front door, about 10 or 15 feet into the store.

The holos weren't in there, though; the holos were piled in a big bowl on the far end of a counter. There are three colors, straightforwardly named Silver Holo, Green Holo, and Pink Holo.

Around a curve from the holos were mini sets for ombre manicures.

I'm in Kohl's stores quite often (they've got one by my office, one by my house, and a couple in between) but not for polish, because if they have any at all, it tends to be gift sets from brands I've never heard of. I was surprised on a recent visit to see a full line display of polish from Elle. I've not heard of that brand, either, though from some poking around online I see it's exclusive to Kohl's and was launched this past April in association with Elle magazine. I didn't buy any because the $10 price tag seemed steep for an impulse buy; I'll wait 'til they're on sale and I have a coupon (which is pretty much my strategy for Kohl's overall).

The top row (left to right): Clear Coat, Snow Day (two slots), Faux Naturel (x2), Petticoat Pink (x2), Preppy Chic (x2), Tutu (x2), and Vintage Charm.

Middle row: Clear Coat (again), Vintage Charm (also again), Go Go Coco, Trouble in Taupe, Oxford Brown, Tropical Blush, Bright Young Thing, Fucshia Fusion, Shock It to Me, Red Carpet Red, Imperial Purple, Curtain Call.

Bottom row: Clear Coat (for the third time), Saturday Night Shimmer, Blush Stroke, In a Fog, Some Like it Lilac, On Location, Riviera Blue, Seaside Chic, Surfer Babe, About Thyme, Dancing Queen, Chain Mail.

When I went back to the CVS that had the Nail HQ display, they'd gotten more stock, so the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure section was more filled in than when I'd first seen it.

Top row: Copper Penny, Golden Rule, Gilty Party, Snow Globe, Hi Ho Silver (though front polish is Gilty Party again; I should have caught and moved that before I took the photo), Clear'd for Takeoff, Debut-tint.

Second row: Sheer Ectasy, Shell We Dance, Mudslide, So Much Fawn, Raisin the Bar, Plum's the Word, Commander in Chic.

Third row: Almost Almond, Sweet Talker, Pink a Card, I Lilac You, Get Juiced, Back to the Fuchsia, Rosy Outlook.

Bottom row: Kook a Mango, Red My Lips, Wine Not, Pat on the Black, Jaded, Water Color, Black and Blue.

The Revlon Brilliant Strength had been pretty well stocked the first time, but this visit I had time to take a closer look.

Top row: Embody, Allure, Enchant, Enamor, Dazzle, Provoke, Magnetize.

Second row: Impress, Entice, Intrigue, Tempt, Mesmerize, Tantalize, Hypnotize.

Third row: Inspire, Inflame, Captivate, Seduce, Enrapture, Fascinate, Beguile.

Last row: Persuade, Enthrall, Dominate.

I also had time to take closer photos of the Nuance Salma Hayek polishes (full display shot if in this post). This row: Blush Peony (times 2), New Primrose, My Favorite (x2), Base Coat (x2), Top Coat (x2).

Next row: Pink Grapefruit, Bare Kiss, Moonflower, Silver Dust, Goldstone, Café Latte, Desert Mist, Dark Earth, Woodsmoke.

Row after that: Honey Blossom, Tiger Lily, Deep Orchid, Rococo Red, Azalea, Cayenne, Orange Poppy, Red Sienna, Rosegold.

Last row: Lilac, Midnight Blackberry, Nightshadow, True Azul, Prickly Pear, Evening Haze, Vapor, Crushed Violet, Black Dahlia.

At a Rite Aid, I saw a bigger display of the new Cover Girl Outlast line than I'd come across before.

Finally, at the Walgreens that sometimes has things other Walgreens don't, I found a display of Nabi scented polish. The display card says Scent Nails, the bottles say Scented Nail, so I'm not sure what exactly these are called. There's a crazy number of colors here; the same scents are used for multiple colors, so there aren't as many scents as colors.

Top row: Blue (green apple scent), Charcoal (candy), Taupe (chocolate), Neon Orange (orange), Milky Sky (lemon), Hot Pink (strawberry), Mustard (pineapple), Teal (watermelon), Mint (green apple), Midnight (cherry).

Second row: Sky (green apple), Cotton Candy (candy), Nude Pink (chocolate), Peach (orange), Pinkle (lemon), Dark Pink (strawberry), Banana (pineapple), Covalt Blue (watermelon), Lime (green apple), Coral (cherry).

Third row: Lavender (green apple), Base Coat (candy), Rose (chocolate), Sweet Orange (orange), Shimmer Peach (lemon), Princess Pink (strawberry), Multi Glitter (watermelon), Wedding Dress (watermelon), Bright Green (green apple), Red (cherry).

Fourth row: Lilac (green apple), White (candy), Mocha (chocolate), Tropical (orange), Angel Pink (lemon), Pink (strawberry), Blue Glitter (watermelon), Grape Juice (watermelon), Baby Blue (green apple), Eggplant (cherry).

Fifth row: Cotton Candy (candy), Black (candy), Natural (chocolate), Tangerine (orange), Blush (strawberry), Sweet Pink (strawberry), Peek a Boo Pink (strawberry), Fuchsia (watermelon), Gold Glitter (watermelon), Real Red (cherry).

Bottom row: Silver (candy), Clear (candy), Mauve (chocolate), Indian Pink (chocolate), Silk Road (candy), Gold (candy), Green Glitter (watermelon), Silver Glitter (watermelon), Purple Glitter (watermelon), Angel Red (cherry).

Apparently there is a 60th color in this line, Pearl, which is candy-scented and a light peach color. (I stumbled across that when I was double checking the color names for the ones my detail photos weren't clear on.)

Whew. That's fewer photos than usual for a display post, but I feel like it's way more colors. Maybe it just seems that way because my brain is tired from thinking about things like a polish called Banana that smells like pineapple.


  1. Ooooh!!! Look at all the pretties!! I really want to try those Urban Outfitter holos.

  2. those Nabi polishes look cute :)

  3. Oh gosh, I wanna grab that bowl of holo's and run !

  4. Oh wowzer!! I must get those UO holors. The nuance bottles are so cute. The Nabi scents I must find those. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Aww, everything so pretty. I'd die in those shops. :D I've been to UO in London but they didn't even have half of these polishes!

  6. I love these post, It's so interesting to see what you guys over the pond have :)

    Jazz x

  7. Mmmmm :) oh so many nail polishes *drools*

  8. I haven't seen those Revlon Brilliant Strength polishes in my area yet. I'd like a couple of those colors.

  9. I LOVE these posts, except that I get so envious every time LOL

  10. Beautiful! I really like the Urban displays...

  11. oh, i always drool on this kind of posts, awesome displays, so many polishes... if only they could be mine ;)

  12. Or "Grape Juice" that smells like watermelon! haha Thanks for all the pics of displays!

  13. I'm very intrigued by those Urban Outfitters polishes! I don't think we have one around here, but I'll have to check!

  14. hmmm, will have to wait for the update/future post on whether or not you picked up any of those UO holo's....!

  15. Oh! You kill me! *dies* I'm dead now... and scouring Walgreenses.

  16. I really would love to have an Urban Outfitters closeby that would sell these awesome polishes!


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