Friday, December 7, 2012

L'Oreal Diamond Collection, Take 2

You may remember that last month I shared swatches of a trio of glitters from the limited edition Diamond Collection from L'Oreal. I'd scooped them up from the first display I saw, which had three colors of polish, lip gloss, and eye shadow, as well as two mascaras. If you follow my display posts, you saw this photo of it two months ago:

Last month, I mentioned that I saw another Diamond Collection display, with six polishes, three designs of nail strips, and three lip gloss colors—this one, that I shared in my Black Friday display post:

Looking at that photo now, I see that the colors need to be rearranged to match up with the three groupings printed on the display: True Diamond (golds, slogan is "Because I'm Brilliant"), Love Diamond (reds, Because I'm Irresistable), and Midnight Diamond (black/silver, Because I'm Precious). Display organization aside, the point is there were three shimmery polishes I didn't know about at first, which today I have swatches of—So Chic, Lifetime Love, and Drop Dead Gorgeous.

So Chic is a pinky beige with gold and silver microflakie shimmer. This blended into my pale, rosy skintone like whoa. I used three coats, no topcoat, though it's quite possible I could have stopped at two coats.

You know I had to do a low light shot:

Lifetime Love is a cherry red flecked shimmer which shows pops of pink and ornage in some lights. I used two coats of this one, no topcoat).

Low light:

Drop Dead Gorgeous is a black with silver shimmer:

Of course I had to try layering the glitters over these shimmers. Here's So Chic with one coat of Sparklicious plus topcoat:

Here's one coat of Fancy Me plus topcoat on Lifetime Love:

And finally Drop Dead Gorgeous with one coat of The Bigger the Better plus topcoat:

So Chic is a keeper for me from the shimmers; the other two are nice and well behaved but I have similar ones. As far as the combinations, I like the first two, but the black on black is not working for me—it just looks lumpy. What about you? Have you gotten any of these? Found a good base for The Bigger the Better?


  1. So Chic is gorgeous...and even better layered!

  2. Oh my goodness. *dies* I love So Chic and Drop Dead Gorgeous. You kill me, you know that? lol

  3. These are gorgeous! I haven't seen this collection yet.

  4. Really lovely swatches, the red and the black really are gorgeous!

  5. How pretty. I like the sparkles. They put me in a holiday mood.

  6. I used Essie Sexy Divide under The Bigger The Better... it gave it a nice purple sassy sheen.

  7. Diamond Collection looks great :-) I adore Drop Dead Gorgeous :-)

  8. Beautiful swatches! Drop Dead Gorgeous is really lovely!

  9. Interesting! Finally L'Oreal releases some noteworthy nail polishes.


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