Thursday, December 6, 2012

Julie G 2012 Holiday Collection

Today I've got the five polishes in the JulieG holiday collection, which I picked up at Rite Aid (they're also available for sale on the Jesse's Girl site, which I've never used because I have so many Rite Aids around here). There are three flecked shimmers, a foil, and a chunky glitter.

Big Red Bow is a classic cool-tone red with flecked shimmer that sparks pink and orange red. I used two coats, no topcoat, for all these swatches today (until we get to the glitter).

Here's Big Red Bow in low light:

Gift Wrapped is the least Christmas-y of the group; it's a raspberry flecked with pink shimmer.

Low light:

Under Mistletoe (that's what the bottle says, no "the" in sight) is a green flecked shimmer. I was slightly tempted to add a third coat to this, but I think it's definitely wearable at two.

Low light:

Ornamental is a standard gold foil.

Doesn't change much in low light:

Light It Up is a chunky multi-colored glitter a la Lippmann Happy Birthday and her many imitators, which is to say there is no way I was leaving this in the store even if I'd passed on the other four colors in the collection.

Here's one coat of Light It Up plus topcoat over Big Red Bow:

One coat over Gift Wrapped, no topcoat:

Two coats over Under Mistletoe, no topcoat:

One coat over Ornamental, no topcoat:

This is a nice, if not overly surprising, collection. The formulas are good, too; I'm not sure about wear time since I haven't worn any of these for a full mani.


  1. Such a great collection!
    I love them all but the glitter one!

  2. *gggrrr* I wish we had a Rite Aid nearby. Even remotely nearby!! -_- Under Mistletoe and Ornamental are so pretty!!!

  3. The two reds and the green have a gorgeous shimmer - so beautiful!

  4. I agree. Light It Up can be very easily duped. Still is a fun glitter. The shimmery shades are so pretty :)

  5. priced reasonably + holiday colours = win!

  6. Gift wrapped is gorgeous :D Just the kind of color I would rock any time of the year!

  7. I think I can safely pass on these and not feel to bad about it!


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