Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wheel W3: Brownish Red and Dark Red Shimmers

Yes, Nail Wheel Wednesday is back. My queue of swatched but not yet shared polishes is back down to more reasonable levels (though the unswatched line is a disorderly mob), and I missed the structure that having a wheel in the middle of the week gives me, so here I am, with 20 red shimmers, some on the bronzey/brownish side, some on the dark and very dark end of the value gradation, and some only very subtly shimmery.

(all two coats, no topcoat, except as noted below)

1. NARS Bohemia (3 coats) [mmm, duochrome]
2. Accessorize Bronze (3) [mmm, very similar duochrome
3. OPI DS Jewel (4) [from the no more holo DS years]
4. CQ Idyllic
5. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Black Cherry Frost (3) [frosty shimmer]
6. Nina Ultra Pro Viva la Velvet [sparkly shimmer]
7. Sally HansenLacquer Shine Shining
8. Maybelline Colorama Vampire Seduction
9. Maybelline Express Finish Grape [barely shimmery]
10. Maybelline Express Finish Bronze Aluminum
11. Essie Decadent Diva
12. Maybelline Express FinishDiva Rock
13. Revlon Street Wear Blood
14. L'Oreal Hopeful Plum
15. Revlon Dark Pleasures Scarlet Letter
16. Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Vivid
17. Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Glossy
18. L'Oreal Femme Noir
19. Nicole by OPI Kiss Me at Midnight
20. Sally Hansen Salon Plumeria

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:

Note: I'm changing where I host my photos, so you may experience temporary missing images while things get sorted out in the cloud. My apologies for any disruption this may cause during your time here.


  1. Those first few swatches on the wheel are delightfully glowy!:)

  2. I love nail swatch Wednesday' wallet, not so much!

  3. Ooh it's been a while hehe. So much beauty!

  4. OO I just love Bronze Alumanim!! I wish maybelline kept their old line!!

  5. It's nice to have Nail wheel Wednesdays back - a lot of nice colors :)

  6. I really like Maybelline Express Finish Bronze Aluminum and the shimmer in it!

  7. Wow. Some of those are really nice. I think the whole first five are my favorite.


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