Friday, December 14, 2012

OPI Skyfall Comparisons, Part 2

And I'm back with the cool-toned shimmers from OPI Skyfall. Let's get Moonraker, my least favorite of the collection, out of the way first. I didn't have anything really close to this, but pulled Essie Fair Game and Love Me 1203 (one of the ones I got in the swap I shared earlier this week).

I almost don't want to share these one my nails because I could not get the polishes to cooperate, but what the heck. Left to right: Essie, OPI, Love Me. All two coats plus topcoat. They're all blue toned greys, but that's where the similarities end. Fair Game is darker and the best behaved as far as formula goes (I did a crap job with it, but that's not the polish's fault). The Love Me is brighter and more sparkly.

For Tomorrow Never Dies, I chose Joe Fresh Grape and Jesse's Girl Blue Moon as my comparison subjects.

On the nail, left to right: Joe Fresh, OPI, Jesse's Girl. Grape is a similar finish but the color is slightly lighter. Blue Moon is a good color match but the finish is more satin. The Jesse's Girl is my favorite of this trio. All were two coats, no topcoat.

I pulled NYC Molten Metal and Rimmel Play Fast Cat Fight to show their stuff next to The World Is Not Enough.

Left to right below: NYC (2 coats), OPI (3), Rimmel (4). The NYC has more silver and lacks the rose flecks of the OPI, but from a distance it gives the same look. The Rimmel is much lighter, but does have some pink in it—I could see doing an ombre with this as the lightest and the OPI as the darkest, mixing them to get the steps in between.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service got matched up with Sinful Winter Wonder (from this year's holiday collection) and Zoya Fei Fei (from fall 2012).

Now here we're definitely into don't need them all territory. Left to right: Sinful, OPI, Zoya. The Sinful and OPI are the closest; the OPI's shimmer looks like it has just slightly smaller shimmer particles. Fei Fei is more blue than the other two. The differences are slight enough that having just one of these should be sufficient for non-hoarders.

Because Live and Let Die is a green with gold-leaning shimmer, I had to pull out Sally Hansen Salon Project Runway for comparison. I also grabbed Wet 'n' Wild Morbid, which I know a lot of you green lovers have in your stashes.

Left to right: Sally Hansen, OPI, Wet 'n' Wild. Project Runway is way lighter than the OPI. Morbid is closer, but its base is a touch too blue-leaning and its shimmer is cool rather than warm. I gotta keep all three.

If there are other Skyfall comparisons you'd like to see (yesterday Hannah mentioned Zoya Ziv versus OPI Goldeneye), tell me in the comments and I will try to get them done if I have the colors in question.


  1. Oooh, that Jesses girl is gorgeous ! Hello new lemming

  2. Wow, this is a fantastic comparison post - on the gunmetal greys I think maybe China Glaze Awaken and Illamasqua Snap could come close too...?

  3. Great comparison post, thanks!:)

  4. OOO I wish Rimmel still made Cat Fight!! All my bottle has is a little bit of gue left at the bottom lol!!

  5. I think I need to plan a mani with Jessie's Girl Blue Moon soon!

  6. This is an awesome comparison post!!!

  7. Awesome comparisons. Jesse's Girl is definitely my favorite, too. ;) Also, exciting! I have Winter Wonder! hehehe

  8. Great dupes all of them look so similar :)

  9. So beautiful...I really like Tomorrow Never Dies

  10. These comparisons are amazing! Reading your previous post, as I really want Goldeneye!


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