Friday, April 12, 2013

Mid-April Displays

After I shared the swatches of Essie Resort yesterday, I realized I hadn't gotten around to posting the display, so I'm going to remedy that today, along with showing you all the other things I've seen since the last time I cleaned out my shopping photo files.

First I've got a few things I spotted on my recent travels to nearby states which I've not run into in Michigan at all. One Walgreens in Wisconsin had the biggest Cherimoya display I've ever encountered. It had three sections: the 2012 crackle, Pebble Beach, and Matte.n.a. I'd seen the 2012 at a couple of my local Wags in standalone displays—back in 2012 when crack was everywhere. The other two lines were news to me. The Pebble Beach says it's "Gradient Crystal Sand Nail Lacquer", and the shades were labeled with a color name and a step number, apparently so one could buy a pre-coordinated set to make a gradient. I'm not sure if the sand in that name means these are also gritty when dry; I bought a few (not coordinated) but haven't tried them yet. As for the Matte.n.a., the n.a. part seems to stand for "nail apparel". I also bought a couple of these that are in my untrieds.

That same Walgreens had a Studio 35 Puttin' on the Glitz display with two kinds of strips: nail foils and 3D nail appliques. Amazingly, I bought none of them even though a some of the designs were quite cute.

A Jewel-Osco in Illinois had display of a brand I'd never heard of: Cameo Girl. This was the same store where I'd seen the Princessa display last August. That display was gone and these bottles look a lot like the Princessa ones, so I'm wondering if it's just a re-branding. I managed to not buy any of these, either. Yet. If I go back the next time I visit my mom and those glitters are still there, they might come home with me.

My Ulta has been slow to put out new displays in recent weeks, but they did have three from Piggy Polish and some additional nail art kits from Academy of Colour.

Piggy Polish Spring Training has three colors: Put Me in Coach I'm Red-y to Play, Berra-ly Made It to First Base, and You Can't Take the World Series-ous.

Piggy Polish Do I Have to Resort to This is also three colors: Sail I Compare The to a Summer's Day, I See the Sea, and Teal-Quilla.

Piggy Polish Bloom Where You're Planted is five colors: The Rose Less Taken, Poppy Don't Preach, The Daisies Go Quickly By, And Dances With Daffodils, and Petunia & Me.

Several of the Piggy colors were blatant re-labels of previously released colors (I could see the old shade name sticker under the new one), and I couldn't trust that the rest weren't as well, so I left them in the store. If I see them on clearance later, I might pick up a few.

Last display post I had the Pearl Beads kits from Academy of Colour. Since then, my Ulta put out Glitter Rocks and Sequins Rock kits, which have base color, two pots of glitter, a wide-ish brush (I guess to apply the glitter?), and topcoat. The main different between the Glitter and Sequins kit is the pots of glitter are bigger in the Sequins Rock kits and the Glitter Rocks kits have one pot of fuzzy bar glitter and one of hex, while Sequins Rock are both hex glitter. Glitter Rocks comes in Silvers, with silver holo glitter, and Blacks, with black/charcoal glitter. Sequins Rocks comes in Silver/Gold and Multi/Party. Since I already have a ton of glitter polish, I didn't get any of these, though I am intrigued by that brush; I've never used something like that when doing a mani. Though looking closely at the promo pics, maybe it's just as well; I love glitter, but those pics look like way too much is piled on the nail.

The only new thing I've seen at Sally Beauty lately is China Glaze Hologlam. At Sally, as often happens, these have black caps, though other places they'll have silver. I wanted silver, so I ordered mine online. There are twelve holographic shimmers in this collection: Get Outta My Space (light pink), Astro-Hot (pink), Infra-Red (reddish pink), When Stars Collide (reddish brown), Not in This Galaxy (soft orange), OMG a UFO (yellow green), Don't Be a Luna-tic (silver blue), Sci-Fly By (light blue), Take a Trek (blue), Strap on Your Moonboots (dark blue), Galactic Gray (charcoal), Cosmic Dust (pewter).

In the wonderful world of drugstores, there's a whole bunch of new stuff popping up from various brands. That's where I found my Essie Resort 2013 polishes; my Ulta didn't have them yet, but Rite Aid and Walgreens did, in two different display styles. The smaller display just has the four polishes (Come Here, First Timer, In the Cab-ana, Under Where), while the larger also has base and top coat.

There are two displays from NYC New York Color I've spotted at Rite Aid. City Looks for Less has three In a New York Color Minute creme polishes nestled in amongst other makeup: Prospect Park Bloom (light pink), Sidewalkers (light grey), and Park Avenue (taupe). All three of these colors are core; I had two of them in my stash already.

NYC Let's Paint the Town has four polishes plus makeup. Polish colors are: Raindrop, Apple Fizz, Spring Tulip, and Shimmer Blast. None of these are shown as core on the New York Color website. Since they're so affordable (1.99 but I had coupons too), I bought them all.

Sinful Colors' new display is Buff to Bright. From reading Nouveau Cheap, I knew which of these to pick up, as marked with * in the list to follow. Left to right: Pistache *, Folly, Gogo Girl, Cloud 9, Nude *, Unicorn, Genteel *, Endless Blue. I've only seen this at Rite Aid, but other people have spotted it at Walgreens.

My Walgreens did have the Revlon spring collection, Pacific Coast, but I almost missed it because it was tucked in on top of the regular display wall. There are four ColorStay polishes here: Sunburst, Sea Shell, Trade Winds, and Jungle.

I later saw a Pacific Coast standalone display at CVS.

My Rite Aid had three strength-themed displays from Revlon. First, in the Revlon classic line, there was Share Your Strength, with two pink polishes: Shining Strength, a glitter, and Press On Pink, a shimmer. Apparently these were winners in some contest I never heard about.

Flaunt Your Strength has core colors in the ColorStay and Brilliant Strength lines; this is the first time I'd seen Brilliant Strength anywhere other than a CVS.

Look Beautiful Be Stronger has the Chroma Chameleon colors (seen elsewhere in the Captivating Chrome display) and the skintone ColorStay shades previously spotted in the Naked Tips & Neon Lips display.

The preceding two photos were taken after I got the ColorStay shades sorted properly. When I got to the store, some of the skintones from Look Beautiful Be Stronger were mixed in with the core shades in Flaunt Your Strength and vice versa. That was just not acceptable. If I'd had more time, I would have rotated all the bottles so the labels faced front, too.

Blue Cross evidently has decided that they needed another holiday to put polish out for: witness the Mardi Gras display. None of these colors had names, and each time I've seen this display at different Rite Aid stores the assortment has been different. I'm choosing to believe that I already have all of them in pumpkin or snowman bottles so I'm not tempted to get all grabby hands with these glitters.

In the category of glitters I didn't resist is the Wet 'n' Wild FastDry Hot Rocks display, also spotted at Rite Aid. There are six shades of chunky glitter here: Quartz of Course, Caught on Sapphire, Emerald the Crown Jewel, Penny for Your Thoughts, Rocking Rubies, and 18K Gold.

Still at Rite Aid, I also didn't resist the L.A. Girl 3D Effects holographic polishes, of which there are eight: 3D Silver, Electric Coral, Teal Dimension, Purple Effect, Dazzling Pink, Brilliant Blue, Sparkle Ruby, Black Illusion.

Just a ways down the shelf from the L.A. Girl display was the L.A. Colors Color Craze Color Mix display, with some bright and fun cremes, some of which were already in my stash. Left to right: Fiji Purple, Sea Foam, Flicer, Reckless, Lightning, Shock, Sea Siren, Nuclear Energy.

At a couple different CVS stores, I saw a Spoiled display called All About the Benjamins that's either left over from St. Patrick's Day or tie in with Pantone's color of the year, Emerald. I've yet to see this fully stocked, but the shades I have seen in it are all core. In this instance, the colors were Distant Memory, Permission to Proceed, I Only Eat Salads, and I'm So Jaded (twice).

I am hesitant to even share this next display, as I think this family gets too much attention as it is, but new nail polish is new nail polish and that's what this post is about. Thus I give you Khroma Beauty, a makeup line with 20 nail polish shades. I've seen this at Meijer and CVS. Top row: Fairy Dust, Million Dollar, Lapis, Siren, Summer Honey, Dahlia, Edge, Crush, Float. Bottom row: Feverdream, Raw Honey, Race, Flesh, Afterglow, Blaze, Cherry Blossom, Buff, Perfection, Ember. A few of these did tempt me; perhaps I'll go back in disguise and buy them if they go on sale.

Let's wrap things up with what's new from Sally Hansen. First, a display of Complete Salon Manicure called Under the Sea that's popped up at Walgreens. It's core colors, but it's got one core color that's not in most core displays—the Lippmann-esque glitter on the far right. Shades are: Blue My Mind, Please Sea Me, Jungle Gem, Water Color, Jaded, Black and Blue, and Mermaid's Tale.

There are limited edition Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips for spring in the Sweet Sensations display. Eight designs: Ring Toss (purple overlapping bullseyes), On the Dot (light blue dots), Can't be Tamed (red abstract animal print), Candy Stripe (fuchsia gradient), Pink a Prize (pink paisley), Take Note (black musical notes), Tight Rope (maroon/teal laddered tights or something), Whoopsy Daisy (pink/orange floral). I saw these at CVS.

At a different CVS, I saw a freestanding floor tower with seven of the LE strip designs on the bottom (Whoopsy Daisy from the full display was missing) and eight bright shades of Insta Dri, which we'll get a better look at in the display that ends this post coming up after this.

Finally, here's the limited edition Sally Hansen Insta Dri display with the colors from the tower above. For this one, I did something I've never done before—pulled the display off the shelf and onto the floor to get a better photo. They had it jammed onto a dark lower shelf which wasn't quite tall enought to fit the display properly. I took a few shots, didn't like the results, then looked around and figured what the heck, the worst that could happen is people would look at me funny if I pulled it out to see better and then maybe I'd get asked to leave the store. But it was late at night so there weren't many people around to see, and this store is not one I'm in very often because it's not near home or work so if I got banned it wouldn't be a big deal. Thus I bring you a well lit shot of these eight shades: S-teal a Base, Grape Race, Knockout Pink, Straw-ready, Man-go Team, Butter-fly Stroke, In Record Lime, and Blue-ming Fast.

I'm happy to report I did not get kicked out of the store. As far as I know, only one lady and her son even noticed my shenanigans.

As many displays as I have seen, there are several I have only heard about which I'm hoping will show up by me soon: L'Oreal summer (jellies), Sally Hansen Diamond Strength limited edition (layering shimmers), Maybelline Color Show summer (cool hued cremes), and JulieG Frosted Gum Drops (texture).

On a related note, Tina of Beauty Blog by Tina got some great shots of displays at a Muller store (where, if Google translate is not misleading me, she got scolded by a shop assistant for taking photos—boo to that). Her post is here. I love seeing displays from other places, so thanks to Tina. And thanks to all of you who made it through this mega post!


  1. I love that you pulled the display out :P Dedicated! I love yer stands. So pretty and colourful

  2. I'm curious about those Academy of Colour sequins but holy... yeah, way too much on the display nails, lol!

  3. I've seen the L'Oreal spring at CVS recently - but I'm not near you geographically, so I'm not sure if that tells you much. I also saw a new 4-shade Essie display that seemed intended for summer - it was brights themed around "DJ Play That Song."

    I'm really tempted by Revlon Sunburst. I might have to go back for it.

    1. BeckBeck, ah, yes the Essie Summer 2013--I forgot about that one. :)

  4. Love this post! My Walgreen never has anything. The closest rite-aid is an hour away. My ulta runs out by the time I get there so thanks for this post so I can see products!!

  5. Aw I wish we had a Rite Aid. :( Also that my Walgreens carried Cherimoya... *cries* Can't wait to see those Pebble Beach ones!

  6. I still haven't been able to find the Revlon Brilliant Strength line anywhere near me. Plus, it seems as though the Colorstay polishes are now scaled back at the stores I usually go to. Half the colors are gone.

  7. OH MY - what a lot of gorgeous polishes - I'm drooling...

  8. Just found your blog, love the display posts. I also laughed at reading your blog name explanation :)

  9. Love these display posts! Seriously, i'd be bankrupt if I lived anywhere near those displays haha

  10. I also live around Detroit and am happy to see someone from my area! I didn't know China Glaze had new holos out?

  11. Holy nail polish, Batman! I have got to take a trip to the States one day when I have cash to spend, as we don't get a lot of that stuff up here in Canada. The Revlon and Sally stuff will trickle in in a few months, as will the China Glaze (some is online now but not in stores), but several of those brands I'd be lucky to find at a discount store (think Marshalls).

    Thank you for such great shots!

  12. Oh my! I NEED those essies in my life!!

  13. I love how you get shots of the displays!


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