Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wheel D5: Purple Shimmers

My favorite color takes the stage on this installment of Nail Wheel Wednesday in the form of purple shimmers.

1. Revlon Grape Fizz (2 coats)
2. Claire's Bubble Gum (3) [I was surprised to see this dried so matte; I'd expect that of a neon but this isn't that bright]
3. OPI unknown (3) [I couldn't see any codes on the bottom of this bottle and can't remember where/when I got it]
4. Viva la Diva 61 (3) [love the two colors of microflakie shimmer here]
5. H & M Hello Kitty Cool Summer (2)
6. Milani Purple Rush (2)
7. Collistar Viola Glitter (2) [thank goodness for swapping that makes it possible for me to get beauties like this]
8. Vollare Da Vinci 353 (2)
9. Petites Color Fever Zodiac (3)
10. Flormar Supershine Miracle Colors U09 (2)
11. OPI Grape Set Match (2)
12. Sally Hansen Insta Dri Pronto Purple (2) [looks sort of dull next to all the flecked and microflakies]
13. Kiko 278 Violet Orchid Microglitter (3)
14. China Glaze Let's Groove (2)
15. Zoya Yasmeen (2)
16. Milani Totally Cool (4) [dear Milani, please do more like this]
17. Orly Out of this World (3)
18. Studio M Alias (4)
19. Color Club Alias (4) [yep, I really do not need both the Studio M and this; they are the exact same]
20. Finger Paints Icy Iris (2)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

15 through 20:


  1. OHMG so many pretties....
    Collistar Viola Glitter and Milani Totally Cool - are seriously beautiful!

  2. The ones you swapped for (7, 8, 10 I'm guessing), are gorgeous!

    1. mrsrexy, 4, 5, & 13 were swap goodies, too. At least--I did a lot of swapping for a while. :)

  3. These are gorgeous!!!! I especially love that Collistar! Never seen the brand before.

  4. Number 7 is my favorite. It's so pretty. Never heard of that brand before.

  5. this wheel is full of awesomeness, love purple shimmers *.*

  6. I really enjoy your wheels...and this is my favorite one yet! ;) I have a few of these but i need them ALL.

  7. P.S. You got the Collistar Viola Glitter in a trade? Nooo! Do you have any idea where I can buy this online? I live in California. I've been searching for this and I can't find it...not even on ebay! :( Any suggestions?

    1. WildHeart, sorry to say I've no idea where Collistars might be available. :(

  8. Love this shade :D They all look great!

  9. omgggg Collistar Viola Glitter! You've created yet another lemming!


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