Friday, April 26, 2013

Zoya Irresistible Collection Swatches

If you're reading this, that means my scheduled post posted while I'm getting ready to head off to Illinois to spend time with my mom. I don't usually do two posts in one day, but wanted to get these up in case there are any of you still deciding on your Zoya Earth Day promo order. As promised, here's Zoya Irresistible, six foil shimmer shades for summer (these were sent for review by Zoya). Left to right: Kerry, Amy, Tinsley, Bobbi, Rikki, and Hazel.

As with the Stunning shades, I paired these up for swatching purposes, starting with Amy, which is orange, accented with Kerry, a yelow gold. This is two shades of each:

I'd call Kerry a true foil finish; it looks more metallic to me than Amy, which is more a "jampacked microflakie tending toward foil" finish. Regardless of what we call these, they're both plenty glowy in low light:

I put Bobbi, which is a deep pink, with Tinsley, a golden rose. These were two coats as well. Bobbi is a very interesting pink; it's shimmer is not just several shades of pink but also has some soft orange in it.

Here's the low light shot:

Rikki, which is dusty green, got paired with Hazel, a dusty blue. These are both quite foil-y in finish. Two coats of each was plenty. Both have warm green microflakies in their shimmer, which adds a nice depth and detail.

These look more bling-y than glowy in low light:

These particular bottles are already on their way to my samples buddy Lucy. I am pondering whether I need to buy a few for my stash, Hazel in particular.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. Hmm I'd definitely pick up Amy and Kerry. They look lovely paired together

  2. Very pretty! Those are all drool worthy. :)

  3. Wow, just gorgeous. I would not blame you for grabbing one of these for your stash. : D Especially Kerry.

    I hope you enjoy your visit to your mother : D

  4. I did order these, and they are on their way to me already. Seeing your swatches, I am very happy I ordered. I am not a huge frost or foil finish fan, but these were too pretty to pass up.

  5. I really had been looking forward to this set since I loved the Sunshine collection from a couple summers ago - Kimmy is one of my all time fav summer shade from Zoya. Something about these however is too frosty - I want to love 'em but really only one I would probably wear is the fuchsia one. I like how the green and the blue are loaded but the 'load' is hidden in the frost IMHO. Maybe if I ever see them in person I might change my mind. No one sells Zoya where I live (no ULTA for 500 miles) - since I have over 1500 bottles not counting all my dups I have gotten really picky about what I will and will not spend $ on basically sight not seen anymore. I think I expected a ton out of this grouping...maybe I expected too much and need to give 'em a chance.

  6. Hope your mom is doing well and safe travels this weekend!

    Thx for sharing; I'm on the fence if I *need* any of these. Will have to ponder for a bit...!

  7. The finish on these are really beautiful!!

  8. Amy and Tinsley are winners for me!

  9. I really like the way these look

  10. Really nice shimmers but Tinsley is the only one that caught my eye... and very much so!

  11. I love them, actually I knew I would have loved them since I read "metallic foil" on press release! Still I'm not sure if I really really need them in my overloaded ?_? helmer, but I think it's a great collection.

    Hope you had a nice time with your mom!


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