Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Recent NOTD: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Ring Toss

After I took off the flower and vine strips and did some swatching, I put on more strips. I used another limited edition design, but this time, it's one that's in stores now, so if I really really liked it I could go buy more. The strips in question are Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Ring Toss, which is purple rings (or bullseyes) on white. Unlike the flowery strips, this white background is not shimmery.

I liked this design a lot, and since it's purple, it coordinated nicely with a lot of my wardrobe, which is an added bonus. It was also a hit with the guys I work with (maybe it reminded them of targets? a lot of them are gun enthusiasts). Most weeks, I get no comments on my nails at all from the males in the office, but when I had these on, I actually ended up having a discussion about them with a few guys. They wanted to know how I did them, how long they'd last, how would take them off. My boss's boss even complimented me on them when we were in a meeting together. I think I will pick up another box or two if I see these on sale again.


Over the weekend, I was venting a little on Google+ and Facebook about how much texture I had in my "to be swatched" box. Well, I managed to get through it all, and now I'm wondering about just posting all the swatches in a texture-palooza next week. I don't often do theme weeks because I like variety, but if do these textured collections only once or twice a week, it'll be well into May before I'm done and we might all be sick of the trend by then. What say you? There's a poll over in the sidebar (under my photo and About Me block) so you can tell me what you think. Voting closes Thursday morning, so I'll be able to consider the results before I decide what to post on Thursday.

EDIT 24-Apr-2013: The poll widget was having some issues so I had to remove it (votes were disappearing). Last time I saw it when it was working, votes were overwhelmingly in favor of texture week, so that's what I'll be doing next week. I might actually have to start on Sunday, I have so many textured swatches.


  1. I think one of the bundle monster plates has a similar design. Love it :)

  2. I love textured polish, so yeah! :D Looking forward to them!

  3. The design on these strips is beautiful!
    I don't think the textured polish trend will be over so soon, I love them!

  4. Love these! I might have to try them out :)

  5. What a lovely design! I hope Sally Hansen will launch more of these strips in different designs here in Germany. Recently I got my first one but I'm still waiting for a good moment to try them.

  6. If you have a Five Below store, I was there a few weeks ago and they had a few different designs. I tried a red and black stripe but I must have done something wrong because they looked terrible and all peeled off within five hours (I may have helped it along just a little bit...).

    1. Heto, that's odd--I've never had them peel off anywhere near that fast (though I haven't tried that particular design). Assuming the strips themselves were not defective/dried out, I'd suspect something on your nails preventing them from sticking or that they just needed to be smoothed down with more force around the edges. Or maybe your nails just reject strips?

  7. The design on these strips is very cool...and voted!

  8. It's a pretty design - I'm a bit scared to try strips, even if I see they could be useful for vacations etc...

  9. I think I have a stamping plate with a similar design, but this seems much easier. Personally, I'll never tire of the textures. Just like crackle, holo and flakey I say BRING 'EM ON! lol

  10. I love the SH strips!
    And I can't wait for Texture Week: 2013 Edition.

  11. This design is awesome! I really like that it's purple :)


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