Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Love Thy Polish Royalty and Miss Bossy Pants

Today I have some purple lovelies to share thanks to my friend Trish. She'd kindly offered to shop for Disney polish for me as she was heading to Disneyland a while back. When the box arrived, there were some non-Disney surprises in there, too.

Below, left to right: Ulta 3 Triple Threat, Orchid, and Black Plum; Kleancolor Vegas Night.

Below: H & M Mad Lilac and Mad Confetti; Love Thy Polish Royalty, Wildheart, and Miss Bossy Pants.

Since I'd never seen any Love Thy Polish colors before (they're from Australia), I grabbed two of those to try. Here's three coats of Royalty with two coats of Miss Bossy Pants added on my accent nail. Royalty is a dark purple jelly with tiny purple glitter laced all through it. Miss Bossy Pants is a clear base filled with tiny silver glitter along with medium and large hex glitter in purple and lilac, plus some of those hexes are holo, too.

Close up bottle shot of Miss Bossy Pants:

I was quite fascinated with all the different facets of Miss Bossy Pants, especially with the purple glitter in Royalty showing through from the base layer. Here it is in a few different lights/angles:

I am so fortunate to have friends like Trish who feed my polish habit. Thanks, Trish!


  1. Miss Bossy Pants is so gorgeous - and what a lot of lovely polishes :)

  2. Lovely collection of purples here!

  3. What a nice collection of polishes! Miss Bossy Pants looks really nice :-)


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