Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mid-May Displays

It's been over a month since my last display post, so you know what that means: grab your favorite beverage to sustain you as you scroll through several dozen photos of the things I've seen since we last went shopping together.

Today's first up in alphabetical order is Color Club. I saw two new displays from them at Meijer. Candy Coated had pastel and bright cremes and shimmers. I am not a Color Club expert, but I believe these shades are all repromotes, a mish mash from several previous collections (like the Floral Garden display Meijer had in early March). Top row: Disco Dress, Flamingo, Blue-Ming, Poptastic, Volt of Light, East Austin, Wicker Park, Wink Wink Twinkle, Youthquake, Twiggie. Bottom row: What a Shock, All That Razz, French Tip, Pure Energy, Psychedelic Scene, Blushing Rose, Edie, Jackie Oh, Take Me to Your Chateau, Peppermint Twist.

The other Color Club display at Meijer is Poptastic, which has bright/neon cremes, shimmers, and microglitters, some of which I know I've seen before, but also has some neon matte glitters I'd not seen. Top row: Bell Bottom Babe, Daydream Believer, Right On (sold out), Space Case, Kapow, Foxy Mama, Do the Twist, Not-so-mellow Yellow, Woodstock or Bust, Glitter Envy. Bottom row: Go-Go Green, Otherworldly, Daydream Believer, Wink Wink Twinkle, British Invasion (sold out), Kapow, Ultra Astral, My Generation, Peace Love & Polish, You Got Soul-ar.

Nouveau Cheap has some thoughts on these two Color Club displays here.

Cover Girl has some new Glosstinis shades. I first spotted these on a sidekick at Meijer. There are nine colors here, in two groups. Glossy Days, on the left, has #ElectroGlow, #RavingHot, #GetGlowing, and #GlowStick (yes, the names are in hashtag format). Glowing Nights, on the right, consists of #LaserLight, #MidnightGlow, #AfterDark, #GloAllNite, and #TechnoGlow.

I later saw these Glosstinis in an endcap at Walgreens.

Even later, I spotted these Glosstinis in a shelf top display at Rite Aid.

I was very tempted to rearrange the Walgreens and Rite Aid displays so the Glossy Days colors would be together and the Glowing Nights as well, but I resisted.

Cover Girl also has a new line called XL Nail Gel, which claims to have a "plump gel-like finish plus intense shine). Here's the display I saw at Rite Aid. Left to right: Whole Lotta Guava, Haughty Lemon, Plump It Pear, Bleu It, Plumped-Up Plum, Rotund Raspberry, Bodacious Berry, Ample Apple, Overblown Orange.

I also saw the XL Nail Gel in a smaller, polish-only display at Walgreens.

The 2014 summer neon collection from Essie is all over drugstores (though not at my Ulta as of the last time I was there). There are six shades, seen below in the core display wall section at Walgreens: Too Taboo, Sittin' Pretty, Serial Shopper, I'm Addicted, Chills & Thrills, and Vices Versa.

I saw a shelf top display with slots for all six colors at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Rite Aid had a smaller display with four of the colors; CVS did as well, though theirs was black plastic base instead of white.

The lastest from FingerPaints (at Sally Beauty, of course) is the Pop Movement collection, with three cremes and three matte glitters: Paper Mache (core), Ka-Pow, Art Deco Pink, Kozmotology, Kitchy Tangerine (yeah, not Kitschy), Three's a Party.

Five Below had new colors from Fresh Paint in the Festival Dreams collection: Firefly, Pinkapalooza, Bonna Blue, Glastonberry, and Coach Ella. I wonder how they ship the bottles to the stores; surely not all jumbled up in bins like this.

Five Below also has three neon glitters in the Funky Fingers line. These look very much like three of the Color Club Poptastic shades, which makes sense since they come from the same parent company. Shades are: Glitter Matters, Glitter Explains It All, and Saved By the Glitter.

Julie G has a new collection called Cruise Time (exclusive to Rite Aid): Santorini, Tahiti, Canary Islands, Old San Juan, Miami Beach, and Rio de Janiero.

At Bed Bath & Beyond, I spotted some textured cremes from L'Oreal; the Miss Denim collection. Shades here: Vintage Rose, Indigo Classique, Skinny Jeans, Bleu My Mind, Distressed Turquoise, and Jean & Tonic.

Nails Inc. has arrived at Ulta. I'm not sure if this initial offering is one collection or a sampler or what. Top row: Mayfair Lane, Porchester Square, Regents Place, The Thames. Middle: Wellington Square, Westbourne Gardens, Sheraton Street (not sure if the was a fourth color in this row before I got there). Bottom: Sloane Street, Portobello Gardens, Hyde Park, Princes Gardens.

OPI has been giving me a bit of a respite, but at Sally Beauty I did see the two-color Beauty in Bloom display. These are Sally exclusives, celebrating their 50th anniversary. 50 is the New Fabulous is a pink creme. Pop the Cork is a gold glitter.

I finally saw OPI Glitter Off in a store; Ulta had it the last time I was there.

The summer collection from Orly is called Baked. It's got six shades: Neon Heat, Ablaze, Tropical Pop, Lush, Hot Tropics, and Saturated. The photo below is the display I saw at Ulta; I also spotted it at Sally Beauty in a slightly smaller display.

Meijer had a sidekick with what looks like a relaunch of Color Blast from Orly. These bottles are different than the Color Blast ones I've found at TJ Maxx in recent years, but like those, the contents of these look like Orly colors with different names. They're priced at $6.99, which seems like a deal compared the regular Orly line, but they're only 11ml, so not really a deal. I might buy some on sale, though, because the bottles are cute.

Top row: Black Holo Chunky Glitter, Champagne Gloss Glitter, Cool Pink Chunky Glitter, Plum Chunky Glitter, Shamrock Gloss Glitter, Gunmetal Chunky Glitter, Peony Chunky Glitter, Silver Holo Chunky Glitter.

Second row: Pearly Pink Neon, Fruity Pink Neon, Fluorescent Fuchsia Neon, Bright Blue Neon, Tangerine Neon, True Neon Pink, Tennis Ball Neon, Hot Coral Creme.

Third row: Nude Creme, Sheer Peach Creme, Pink Luxe Shimmer, Ultra Pink Creme, Fresh Green Creme, Seafoam Luxe Shimmer, Violet Pastel Creme, Purple Matte satin.

Fourth row: Silver Chrome Foil, Golden Chrome Foil, Khaki Luxe Shimmer, Rose Chrome Foil, Granite Luxe Shimmer, Royal Gloss Glitter, Indigo Color Flip.

Fifth row: Sky Blue Color Flip, Rainbow Color Flip, Turquoise Color Flip, Royal Purple Color Flip, Cherry Creme, Magneta Gloss Glitter, Plum/Gold Color Flip, Onyx 3D Glitter.

Bottom row: Polish Bond, Nail Strong, Argan Cuticle Oil, Matte Topcoat, Chip Guard, Snap Dry, Bottom + Top.

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy is another Meijer find. I guess gel/gel-like is the hot thing now. (I wonder if this line us why some stores like Walgreens have been clearancing the regular ColorStay.) Top row: Royal Flush, Lady Luck, Roulette Rush, Long Shot. Second row: Hold 'Em, High Roller, Up the Ante, Showtime. Third row: Wild Card, Dealer's Choice, Sky's the Limit, Ace of Spades. Fourth row: Diamond Top Coat (x2), Sure Thing, Beginner's Luck.

The Sally Girl colors at Sally Beauty this month are Neons; I didn't see any names for these four hot colors.

We've now reached the Sally Hansen portion of the program, and Sally is in some sort of frenzy this season, putting out so much new stuff I'm getting rather overwhelmed.

This first display wasn't so bad, as I'd seen all the things before in various other displays. The Big Finish Big Effects display, which I spotted at Meijer, has the shiny and matte toppers from the nail art displays that have been rolling out in recent months and the other special effects toppers seen earlier this year at Wal Mart in an endcap. Left to right; Big Shiny, Big Matte, Black On (Big Crackle), Twinkle Snow (Big Shimmer), Blue Moonlight (Big Glitter), MeteorLight (Big Glitter), Goldi-Flecks (Big Glitter), Smoky (Big Smoky).

I've seen the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Runway Trends display at a few places; I found it first at Walgreens. It's divided into 3 subcollections: Dark Illusions (A New Hue, Cinnamon, Clay), Pastel Chic (Lady Lavender, A Wink of Pink, Mint Condition), and Havana Brights (Carnivale, Mojito, Batbano Blue, At First Blush). The CVS display for this was black plastic, not white; that seems to be their thing lately.

I about hyperventilated when I saw the Sally Hansen Liquid Mani-a Color Foil display at Meijer. These look like the second coming of the old Chrome Nail Makeups. There are ten colors: Purple Ahoy, Liquid Gold, Cobalt Chrome, Titanium Flush, Minted Metal, Yellow Gold, Rose Copper, Leaden Lilac, and Sterling Silver.

I was so distracted by the foils that I almost overlooked the other Liquid Mani-a display at Meijer; this one had four designs of Salon Effects strips: Go Wild, Merry Go Round, Orange You Glad, and Preptile.

One might reasonably expect that since we already had new Triple Shine colors not so long ago, we'd get a break. But no. There's the Tahiti Sunset display, which includes three microglitters. Walgreens had these first in my area. Shades are Pink Coconut, Changing Tides, Taheati, Sparktacular, Seasational, and Archipela-glow, plus there's Top Coat.

Is Sally done now? Nope. There's the Passport to Rio display with Xtreme Wear matte glitters: Samba, Fiesta, Fruit-ta-ta, Carnival, Beach Ball, Tidal Rave, Splash, Copa-Banana. I've seen this one at Walgreens and at CVS (there it's black, no surprise).

At a random CVS, I saw a Sally Hansen endcap display with some of the above and also the Triple Shine Palm Beach Jellies and some leg makeup.

Studio M has a huge display for summer, On the Bright Side. As per usual, most of these colors are core or repromotes, some colors are in the display in more than one slot, and most (all?) of the shades new to the line are the same as Color Club shades. (Meijer)

Top row: Power Pink, Neon Pink, All That Razz, Glitter Twinkle, Bright Night (new), Lightening Blue, Age of Aquarius, Energy Star.

Second row: Sparkle and Soar (new), Orange Sunsest, orange Hot, Psychedelic Scene, Neon Caution, Sunrise Canyon (new), Jade, Neon Greenlight.

Third row: Youthquake (new), Lovin' It, East Austin, Perfectly Pink, Hot Zone, Wing Fling (new), Peace Out Purple, Grape Escape.

Fourth row: Daisy Does It (new), Volt of Light (new), Neon Greenlight, Glitter Envy, Abyss (new), Glitter Outer Space, Blue Funk, Lust.

Fifth row: Wham Pow (new), Glitter Solar, Jackie Oh, Neon Pink, Infusion, Glitter Astral, Vintage Vamp, Frenzy.

Sixth row: Neon Caution, Volt of Light (new), Glitter Envy, Fly with Me (new), Energy Star, Blue-Ming, Evolution (new), Total Wow.

Seventh row: Orange Hot, Lovin' it, East Austin, Power Pink, All That Razz, Punked, Grape Escape, Blue Funk.

Bottom row: Perfectly Pink, Neon Pink, Space Case, Power Pack, Wicker Park, Frenzy, Total Wow, Lightening Blue.

Sinful Colors has three new displays out; I saw them all at Rite Aid. The first is Chill Out, which has Lively In Lilac (new), Dream On, Green Ocean, Curry Up (new), Let's Meet, Blue La La (new), Endless Blue, and Blue Crushin.

Sinful Colors Simmer Down has Anchors Away, Big Daddy, Boogie Nights, GoGo Girl, Embers Only (new), Hot Chili, Ruby Glisten (shade number would indicate not that new, but I didn't have it already), and Gold Medal.

Sinful Colors Turn Up the Heat contains Daredevil, On the Bright Side, Yellow Spotted (new), Mint Tropics (new), Peppered Amazon (new), Out of This World, Hottie, and Steel My Heart (new).

At Five Below, I saw the Super Powers display, which had bottles of creme polishes wearing capes. Capes! How cute is that? (Hint: very.)

We'll wrap up with Zoya at the end of the alphabet; Ulta finally got the spring colors. You may remember Awaken and Monet from when I swatched them.

And of course there's also Zoya Magical PixieDust.

Scrolling back through these photos here, I'm a bit alarmed at how many of these colors I bought. Swatching really needs to be my full time job, but if it were, I couldn't afford to buy all the polish. I realize I am very fortunate to have such problems.


  1. Lve these posts! I hope those Sally Hansen metalic polishes show up here soon!

  2. i wish i had a place near me that sold color club for $3.99!

  3. I too hope to see some of those SH metallics shown here soon!

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  6. I really like your display posts. And I agree: The capes are super cute!!

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  8. OH MY! I can't wait when I come to the USA because I love all of them!:) Amazing colors:) One more month!

  9. Since we don't have stores like Rite-Aid or Meijer here, I am living vicariously through you, seeing all those wonderful displays! One of the Targets I go to (my fav one) has finally stepped up its game. I was able yesterday to get those SH Color Foils, even if they only had 8, instead of the full (10) set. I have about given up on our 'big' Ulta - it seems to not be into restocking much and only gets a couple of new collections in here and there. The smaller one here is actually better. I have three Sally's close by and each is different - one has a lot of different polishes, mainly core; one tries to get as many new collections as possible; and one is always a surprise as to what they have to offer. I need to hit up Bed Bath and Beyond - ages since I've been there, didn't know they had polish. And also run by some CVS and Walgreen's. Thank you for the fabulous post - such pretty displays! Great photos!

    1. LaraLeaf, not all BBB have cosmetics (their store locator on website lets you search for ones that do). I'm fortunate to have one on my drive home from work that does have that section and they often get Maybelline and L'Oreal stuff before other stores in the area.

  10. *twitches* So many pretties....

  11. Some nice displays - I think I'd go mad going shopping in these places lol! Still trying to get used to these new CC bottles they look weird lol! :-)

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  17. Did you ever buy any polish from the Color Club Poptastic collection?

    1. I think I ended up with most of the glitters, but it's been so long I don't recall exactly. :D


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