Thursday, May 29, 2014

Textures from L'Oreal and Revlon

Three more textured collections today as this Texture mini-Week rolls on. First up is the L'Oreal Miss Denim group of six limited edition textured cremes: Vintage Rose, Indigo Classic, Skinny Jeans, Blue My Mind, Distressed Turquoise, and Jean & Tonic. I've only seen these at Bed Bath & Beyond so far but I'm sure they'll show up more places soon.

Vintage Rose is a vibrant warm pink.

Jean & Tonic is a teal green.

The remaining four Miss Denim colors are all blues, so I did an ombre with them. Left to right below: Distressed Turquoise (light blue), Blue My Mind (medium blue), Skinny Jeans (bright periwinkle), and Indigo Classic (navy). Skinny Jeans doesn't quite fit into this ombre, what with its purple-leaning ways.

All of the L'Oreal Miss Denim shades were two coats. The base colors are quite shiny which makes a nice effect to see the light bouncing off the areas in between the texture particles.

Revlon has done some textured creams, too, in the form of their Leather polishes from the Uptown Tweeds & Downtown Leather limited edtion display which hit stores this spring. There are four colors: Leather Skinnies (grey), Rock Chic (blue), Downtown (deep purple), and Motorcycle Jacket (black).

Four colors, four fingers; of course I Skittled them. These are very pigmented; I used two coats for my swatches but I really think I could have stopped at one from an opacity standpoint, though of course that would have meant less texture building up. Like the L'Oreals, the base colors in these Revlons are shiny. The texture particles appear to be smaller than the ones in the L'Oreal textures.

Finally, I have the eight glitters in the Revlon Haute Rocks LE collection, which they describe as "pebbled texture". Top row: Seychelles Sand, Brazilian Beach, Moroccan Oasis, Caribbean Cove. Bottom: Tahitian Toast, Balinese Bay, Lana'i Lagoon, Mayan Riviera.

Eight is divisible evenly by four, so I bet you can guess what's coming—yep, two sets of Skittle swatches. Top to bottom below: Seychelles Sand, Brazilian Beach, Moroccan Oasis, Caribbean Cove (all three coats).

Top to bottom below: Tahitian Toast, Balinese Bay, Lana'i Lagoon, Mayan Riviera (all three coats except for Lana'i Lagoon, which was two).

I am not sure what to make of these pebbled textures. They're not any more textured than any other chunky glitters. They were accompanied in the display by Revlon's matte topcoat, but I did not use any on my swatches, as these glitters dry matte all by themselves. I didn't think I was doing particularly thin coats, but almost all of these look like they could benefit from layering over a base color. Yet I have seen swatches of them looking pretty much opaque, like in the ones Tracey did for Nouveau Cheap. Maybe I needed to do more dabbing than stroking? I think I need to play with these more.

Tomorrow to wrap up Texture Week: textures I got in foreign lands such as Canada.


  1. Wow I do like these as well. I'm wondering if they will be available over here, I've not seen them about.

    I do really like the Revlon Leather Cuir ones the best! :-)

  2. I can't wait for Revlon textures to be brought in here. I will totally grab Mayan Riviera! Don't have anything else like it (if I'm not using it as textures, I sure can just use it as normal glitter toppers) :) Thanks so much for sharing these ^.^

  3. Oh man, so many awesome textures... I'm dying here!!!

  4. I had the same issue with the Haute Rocks collection, and I've seen people get these opaque too. I'm not sure what they did, because I couldn't get it to happen for me! I've been reviewing the ones I got over bases. I think they look great that way

  5. great swatches! i am slowly starting to like creme finish textures... when the textures first came out i only really liked the glitters. I think I prefer the more textured look of the l'oreals (first pic) vs. the revlon ones though

  6. It's funny with textured glitter polish because you're right, they usually just look like glittery polish!

    Mands @ The Bookish Manicurist

  7. I like all blues :)

  8. Wonderful swatches as always! I really like the cream textures :D


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