Friday, May 30, 2014

Textures from Foreign Lands

I'm wrapping up this shortened edition of Texture Week with some polishes I bought during my recent travels. First up, a few I got in Canada last weekend (plus a domestic buy for comparison's sake). Left to right: Revlon Diamond Texture (from Rexall in Canada), GOSH Frosted Silver (from Super Drug Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada), GOSH Frosted Purple (ditto), Orly Plum Pixel (from Ulta in the US). Revlon I can get easily near home, of course, but I haven't come across this new core shade anywhere before (though I admit I haven't been looking super hard). GOSH I've only seen in the US in a couple of super fancy Walgreens stores.

Here they are on the nail, in the same order as above:

The silver ones were three coats and the brownish purple ones were two. The Revlon silver seems slightly finer-grained than the GOSH, but it's not something you'd notice unless you were looking for differences. The GOSH purple is a bit coarser-grained than the Orly but again it's not really that noticeable; the colors are pretty darn close.

The next two textures I have to share part of my haul from Minsk, IsaDora Sugar Crush in Ocean Crush and Purple Crush.

Ocean Crush is a turquoise with gold microglitter. Purple Crush is a slightly dusty purple with a medium hex glitter and microglitter. I used two coats of each, and you can see that Purple Crush is perfectly opaque but Ocean Crush still shows a hint of visible nail line.

I still haven't figured out how to hold two bottles at once.

Also in Minsk, I got three textures from the Lux Visage Sahara collection. I don't know if these have names since I can't read the words on the labels, but they do have numbers. Left to right: 67 (blue), 55 (orange), 65 (purple).

All of these needed only two coats and have microglitter in with the texture. 55 Orange has yellow glitter; 65 Purple has pink glitter, and 67 Blue has silver shimmer. I liked these a lot; if I'd tried them before I left Minsk I would have been very tempted to go back and scoop up more colors, luggage weight limits be damned.

And now I'll wrap up with a very special polish I got in Canada last Saturday: Girly Bits Bette Davis Eyes, which is part of the 80s Girl Bands collection that opens for pre-order on June 2nd at noon EST. It was very exciting to get a preview of the collection as part of our workshop and even more exciting to be able to buy some of them. Bette Davis Eyes is a light silver fine grained textured shimmer. There are tiny pops of rainbow color in the shimmer, which makes it more interesting. My swatch is three coats.

I know not everyone will want to wear Bette Davis Eyes textured, so I added topcoat to show how it looks shiny.

And finally here's a low light photo blurred to show how pretty the pops of color are in the shimmer:

I bought one more color from the 80s Girl Bands collection and Pam kindly gave each us a another color of our choice to review, but those aren't textured so they'll have to wait 'til next week.


  1. OMG GOSH Frosted Purple is amazing! And Ocean Crush and Purple Crush by Isadora are super cute too.

  2. It's really fun to see Scandinavian polishes pop up here too :)

  3. Oh wow these look stunning. I really like the Isadora ones! :-)

    Hehe didn't realise Superdrug was in Canada! I keep seeing the Gosh ones and wonder if I should buy them!

  4. Hurray for texture!!! *dies*

  5. Ooh I love the Sugar Crush polishes!

  6. lol, I don't think I've seen those Gosh textures here in Canada but it could be because there are no Super Drugs near me! Loving those IsaDoras!

    1. mrsrexy, I had a dumb--it was Shoppers Drug Mart I found the GOSH at--there's one in Windsor with a fancy beauty section, sort of like that Walgreens we went to in Las Vegas across from the hotel.

  7. The Orly and Gosh look the same to me. Great texture colours :)


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