Friday, May 23, 2014

Zoya Tickled and Bubbly Collections

As I teased yesterday with my rainbow vertical gradient mani, I was fortunate to be able to try press samples of the Summer 2014 collections from Zoya, Tickled and Bubbly.

Tickled has six bright cremes. Left to right: Kirtridge, Rooney, Wendy, Rocha, Ling, and Tilda.

Bubbly has six bright jellies with iridescent glitter. Left to right: Alma, Jesy, Harper, Binx, Muse, and Staasi.

I'm sure it comes as no surprise to those of you who read regularly that I lacked the patience needed to swatch six cremes/near cremes on their own. What I did instead was pair up each Tickled shade with one from Bubbly, making a creme to glitter ombre with each duo.

First up, Kirtridge, a medium pink creme, and Harper, a pink jelly glitter. Top to bottom below, it's three coats of Kitridge alone, Kirtridge plus one coat of Harper, Kirtridge plus two coats of Harper, and three coats of Harper alone. Kirtridge is a cooler-toned pink than Harper, so in addition to the creme to glitter aspect of the ombre, there's also a cooler to warmer thing going on.

Rooney and Binx are up next; both of these are purple-leaning pinks. I did the same progression as with the first pair, the only exception being Rooney only needed two coats for full coverage.

If you're thinking these first two cremes look familiar, it may be because they are very similar to ones in 2012's Beach collection. Rooney and Kirtridge from this collection are just a touch lighter than Lara and Shelby from Beach.

I paired Wendy, a coral creme, with Alma, a slightly-orange leaning jelly glitter. Wendy was another two-coater. Alma was perhaps still a bit sheer at three coats, which isn't surprising since yellows tend to be that way.

I assumed Rocha, the orange red in Tickled, was a creme finish like all its collection mates, but when it came time to swatch, I saw it had a very, very subtle shimmer. The only way I could even see it was to pop direct light on it and zoom in, as shown below:

Rocha got paired with Jesy, the orange jelly glitter from Bubbly. Rocha was two coats.

The two blues, Ling and Muse, came next. Ling is a deep sky blue creme; two coats of it were plenty. Muse is a turquoise jelly glitter.

Last but not least are the greens, Tilda and Staasi. Both are yellow-leaning greens, not quite as bright as what I think of as lime green. Tilda was another two-coat creme.

I couldn't resist playing with the Bubbly shades just a bit more even though I'd already done my rainbow gradient by this point, so I did some layering experiments. Left to right below: Alma plus Staasi, Staasi plus Muse, Muse plus Harper plus Binx, Alma plus Harper. These layer and blend beautifully.

The colors in Tickled are fine, but obviously my heart belongs to Bubbly. I'm so entranced that I'm tempted to buy the whole set at full price just so I can play with them some more (as mentioned yesterday, the bottles I swatched are on their way to the UK). My only quibble is that Zoya describes Bubbly as "Holo Glitters", but the glitter in them is not the stuff that the nail polish community typically refers to as "holo". These glitters are not opaque, metallic, or rainbow-sparking but rather are transluscent iridescent particles that shift among various subtle hues. They're pretty, no doubt, but not what I'd call "holo". And I know Zoya knows holo, because the Magical PixieDust colors have proper holo glitter in them and they call it such. Eh, no matter, I still love the Bubbly.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. I have to repeat how much I love these collections! <3 The combo Muse plus Harper plus Binx is simply a.m.a.z.i.n.g.!!!!

  2. oh i love the first one and the green one! Anyway all of them looking so beautiful :)

  3. What a neat way to do a gradient mani!

  4. I do like the Bubbly polishes - they are really something :-)

  5. Oh man... so much prettiness..... *swoons*

  6. I love how well these collections compliment each other, and I love, love, LOVE the way you layered the Bubblies!

  7. I love the way you decided to swatch these! It's definitely more efficient and I like that you showed how the Bubbly collection polishes would look layered and on their own. I'm really liking all the polishes from the Bubbly collection I think they're really versatile :) they look really nice layered over different polishes and on their own as well. I especially love the Staasi + Muse and Muse + Harper + Binx combos you did. I'm not too blown away by Tickled personally. None of the colors seem that original. I do like Ling though I can never seem to pass up a good blue!

  8. I really liked how you swatched these :D They look beautiful :D

  9. I admit I wasn't that excited about Bubbly polishes (as they were sheerer than I expected) but they final layerings you did are amazing. I see why you'd buy the set...<3

  10. Layering the glitters = fabulous idea! Haven't seen anyone else try that while reviewing this collection!


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