Friday, May 9, 2014

Rococo The Darkest Emerald and Orchid Your Wish Come True

About a billion years ago (I exaggerate, but only slightly), I did a swap with my friend Mel of Delicious Color. She loaded me up with some beauties from the brand Orchid, which I can't get here because we have no HEB stores, and a shimmery Rococo. Left to right: Orchid Trouble Maker, Coin Toss, Your Wish Come True, and Teal Me a Secret; Rococo The Darkest Emerald.

When deciding which of these to try first, I was most intrigued by the Rococo, as it's only the second one from this brand to join my stash. Here's a look at it in the bottle; I fancied I could see a hint of purple duochrome in the teal green shimmer.

I thought Orchid Your Wish Come True, a light silvery teal metallic, would make a nice accent for The Darkest Emerald. I used two coats of each of them, though I might have been able to stop at one of The Darkest Emerald, as it is indeed dark and quite pigmented. I didn't see any of the purple on the nail, but no matter, as the green was quite pretty on its own.

The Darkest Emerald really glows in direct light:

In the sun, sparkles show up:

Thanks to Mel for enabling this stash enhancement. Perhaps one day I'll try the other colors she sent but I'm so easily distracted it's hard to know when that might happen.


  1. I don't think I've worn Darkest Emerald myself, either, and I got it in an after-Christmas sale.

  2. I'll be holding my breath for Trouble Maker. ;) It keeps catching my eye, but I have a hard time buying a whole new brand knowing the extra coding I'm in for when I put it up on my stash page... LOL

  3. Darkest Emerald is really nice - it reminds of me Lippmann polish. :-)

  4. Those duochromes are a real bummer... they look and reveal to be so pretty in the bottle and then, on our nails, the effect vanishes almost completely! :(

  5. I'venever heard about that brand before. I don't like such finish of polishes but a silver one's great:)

  6. Aw I love how they look in the direct light :D


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