Friday, August 1, 2014

Welcome to August Displays

Almost a month since my last display post, so it's time.

One of my most recent display finds is China Glaze All Aboard, which is their Fall 2014 offering. One of my Sally Beauty stores decided to put it out now. I may not be ready for autumn, but someone was, as two of the colors were already gone when I got there. Front row: Conduct Yourself, Nice Caboose, Well Trained, Mind the Gap. Middle section: Don't Get Derailed, What Are You A-Freight Of, All Aboard, Lug Your Designer Baggage. Back: Choo-Choo Choose You, Loco-Motive (missing here), One Track Mind (ditto), Stop That Train.

I hadn't expected to see the fall China Glaze so soon, nor did I expect to find these next polishes where I did: a quilt show. They're Soakbox mini nail polish sets from Color Club. These were done in collaboration with the company that makes the Soak brand of fiber washes and curated by fabric line designers. Lizzy House has a white striper and orange, dusty yellow, and light blue polishes.

The Sandi Henderson set has bright pink, light pink, light orange, and red polishes.

Denyse Schmidt has black, bright pink, ecru, and taupe.

The Fig Tree & Co. Soakbox has red, light blue, light orange, and yellow green.

The Disney Ariel beauty collection has shown up at Walgreens. The nail relevant pieces are a set of mini scented polishes and a nail art kit.

In contrast to some places which are already putting out fall colors, Kohls has an unhurried approach, at least when it comes to Elle nail polish, which featured the Spring collection of four colors tucked into the regular display: Orange Sunrise, Crimson Sunset, Purple Twilight, and Fuchsia Fusion.

Sally Beauty had another new FingerPaints display, Film Noir. This has four polishes and something I don't recall seeing in a FingerPaints display before, a lipcolor. I guess they figure that's the only way to get me to notice their makeup—put it right in a nail polish display. Shades here: Film Noir, Petal Obsession, Beautiful Mystery, Hollywood Decadence. The only way I know these have a matte finish is becuase I've seen swatches online; the display doesn't say anything at all about that.

I don't remember the last time I saw a standalone Jesse's Girl display; it's been a long while, and I sort of thought they weren't doing them anymore since the Julie G line came out, but there was one at Rite Aid the other day: Satin Finish. Six shades: Sea Glass, Brunello, Black Satin, Azure, Cauldron, and Amethyst.

I saw this next display thanks to a tip from traceyloveslacquer who told me which Rite Aid to go to; it's the Julie G Mardi Gras collection of glitters (why now when Mardi Gras is a spring thing, I've no idea). Colors are: Jamboree, Costume Ball, King Creole, Bourbon Street, Trinket, and Masquerade.

At Rite Aid, I saw an LA Colors display called Bows & Bling, which had nail art kits in two colorways, each of which included 4 mini polishes, a mini pusher stick, and a wheel with 12 bow embellishments.

Piggy Polish displays continue to pop up at Rite Aid. One is The Dog Days of Summer, which I saw at Ulta two years ago with a completely different assortment of colors. This version has Star Boulevard, Lunar Halo, and Ocean Minded.

The other new Piggy Polish at Rite Aid also had recycled graphics and a name from two years ago: It's All Bright With Me. This had What Do You Pink, Poppy Love, and Iguana Know You Better.

The same Rite Aid that had the Julie G glitters also had a Pretty Woman Holographic Feather display, with five shades of holo bar glitters: Pink, Silver, Blue, Gold, and Black. (Those are their actual names.)

I shared the first Sally Hansen Miracle Gel display I saw last time; since then the line has showed up in other display configurations and at other stores besides Walgreens. Meijer had this sidekick that lit up when you got close. It has the same 35 shades as the big Walgreens one, but only three shades in the starter kits as opposed to a dozen. I've also seen this configuration in a standalone display at Rite Aid.

Some Walgreens got a small version of the display, with 21 colors and three shades of kits; this one has motion sensor lights like the Meijer sidekick. I've seen this same display at Rite Aid, too.

I also saw the Miracle Gel in a big endcap at CVS, with I think three colors of kits and all the shades of polish, plus some Insta Dri and Sugar Shimmer and I don't remember what else—at that point I was Miracle Gel'ed out and didn't study it closely.

One of the things I was looking for as of my previous display post was the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear pastels display, and I'm happy to say I found it. Meijer was the first place I spotted this Electric Summer collection. Left to right: Pearl Up, Peach Babe, Floaties, Teeny Bikini, You're Crabby, Water Orchid, Wet Suit, Kelp Yourself.

I later saw the Xtreme Wear pastels in the side of an endcap at Walmart (yes, I went to Walmart, more about that later).

They also popped up in one of those corner displays that some Walgreens get.

Meijer had another new Sally Hansen display under the Liquid Mani-a umbrella. This one had a quartet of the nail art polishes, four of the summer Salon Effects designs, two topcoats, all of which we'd seen before, plus two embellishments kits that were new: a gem kit with stones and half pearls and a decal kit with bows, gold chains, and letters. There was also an I Heart Nail Art zip pouch that was free with purchase of two Sally Hansen products.

Close up of the embellishment kits:

The most recent new display I've seen from Sally Hansen is the Runway Collection for New York Fashion Week, with fifteen shades of Complete Salon Manicure (organized into three groups of five), nail files, and real lace nail stickers. The Fall Pastels group of colors (back left) consists of Himalaya, In the Flesh, Cute-ture, On the Mango, and Moulin Rose. Glam Sequins (center) has Golden Rust, Vintage Confetti, Pink Dream, Chili Flakes, and Shattered Stars. Dark Romance colors are Rupee Red, Rhododendron, Ever Green, Dark Knight, and Somber Bliss.

I've mentioned before I tend to avoid Walmart but I'd seen someone's post about a Salon Perfect red, white, and blue circle glitter that looked interesting, so a few weeks ago I ventured out to see if I could find it. I did find the display, called Paint the Town Red White & Blue, but it was mostly empty of polish, having just some nail art stuff and handful of colors without any of the patriotic glitters among them.

But since this was Walmart, I kept looking. I know Walmart customers don't behave themselves and Walmart employees aren't given enough time to keep the displays straight, so I went exploring in the disaster area that was the core nail polish aisle. Here's part of the Salon Perfect section. I can't even fathom why people think it's okay to do stuff like this in stores. What do their houses look like?

I scavenged through all the shelves and eventually found seven bottles of the red white & blue glitters and returned them to their proper places. One of them had been put behind some other bottles with its cap completely off, but fortunately it hadn't dried out entirely, so I bought that and took it home because I know how to use thinner. Shade names left to right: Speck-tacular, Star Spangled, Starred and Striped, Save Me a Spot. As far I can tell from my research, there's only one glitter I didn't find: Boom Boom Boom, which has small round matte glitters.

A few weeks later I stopped by a slightly better maintained Walmart and found the Salon Perfect Top of the Class display, with three groupings of polishes (plus some false eyelashes because ... I don't know why).

The Totally 80s row has Ruby's Cube and Square Pegs, which are both bright matte glitters, and five brights: Yowza Yellow, Gone Sailing, Bermuda Baby, Haute Pink, and Flamingo Flair (missing in this display). There's also clear topcoat in this row.

70s Disco Divas has Disco Diva, Electric Grape, Plumeria, Foxy Lady, Disco Ballin', Oceanic, Titanium, Gold Leaf, Silver Sparkler, and Cosmic Dust.

60s Mad About Mod consists of Salsa Dance, Spot On (black and white round glitter), Oil Slick, Sugar Cube, Mad About Mod (pastel matte glitter), Flower Power (ditto), Tickled Pink, Perky Pink, Summer Escape, and Go Granny Apple.

The SinfulColors OMGeode display was the other thing I was looking for at the time I did my previous display post, and like the Sally Hansen pastels, it too showed up (though at Rite Aid, not Meijer). Shades here: Thimbleberry, Dream On, Gogo Girl, Why Not, Charmed (old name, new color), Starry Night, 24 Karat, Vintage (new color).

The only thing I can think of that I'm looking for but haven't seen right at this point is the Wild Shine version of Wet 'n' Wild All Access Beauty, which I saw a blog post about earlier today. I know fall collections will start showing up en masse soon; maybe the Halloween pumpkin polishes will appear in time for my next display post.


  1. You're such a good person for buying the open polish! It never would have occurred to me to do that.

  2. Thanks for another awesome display post Karen!

  3. Great post and I am ALWAYS amazed are your ability to link up collections to older ones (like the Piggy Polish ones)

  4. i'm hunting down those salon perfect shades this weekend but im really underwhelmed by those color clubs

  5. I love your display posts - and I would love once in my life to be somewhere with that many shops and displays LOL

  6. Oh so many lovely displays! I drool everytime I see these posts! They are so interesting :-)

    Oh dear, that horrible sight at the Salon Perfect bit would break my heart! I've never seen anything like that over here :-| With displays we either get testers or people use the one at the front, so I always get the polish from near the back! They also supply tissues for wiping it off your nails - most shops do this with the other makeup too - there are always tissues about.

  7. I've just been shopping for lacquers. In the shop in your site :D In this entry :D

  8. Very interesting post Karen- a lot of fabulous displays!
    Have a nice Sunday :)

  9. love this kind of posts, see the colors are already darker than in previous post... but the summer didn't even start here :(

  10. Thanks for posting pics of the displays. atI this pointis I can't buy new polish unless on a really good sale. My swatch book hasn't been opened in months and unused/unswatched polish is really piling up. It'll take more than a few rainy days to catch up with my stock.

    But... I do have to go to the drugstore for other stuff... I'll just take a peek at the nail polish displays... just a peek... yeah, right!

  11. The FingerPaints' Film Noir collection is a pretty neat concept! I go to Wal-Mart about once a year, and yeah... their cosmetics are always a mess. Augh... Good for you for returning the polishes to the proper display!

  12. So many wonderful displays! Yikes China Glaze's Fall display already? I see some pretties...
    Aw the Ariel sets are so cute!

  13. You rescued a nailpolish, well done Karen!!! Why do people has to behave like this in stores and leave such a mess???

  14. I would like to have all Sally Hansen Miracle Gel display and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear pastels display... "just" these two :-)


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