Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Deborah Lippmann Recipe for Love Trio and Cosmic Love

One of the temptations I succumbed to during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was the Recipe for Love set from Deborah Lippmann, a trio of mini polishes: You Got Me Started (grey creme), Make Someone Happy (glitter/shimmer topper), and Let's Stay Together (deep berry creme).

I tried the cremes on their own first, at two coats each. You Got Me Started is a cool grey, on the lighter side but not what I'd call pastel. Let's Stay Together is a slightly dusty deep but not too dark plum; for some reason this pulled much darker on me than it did on the polish insomniac. Both of these looked a touch sheer on the first coat but were perfect by the second.

Make Someone Happy, the topper in the set, has large peachy glitter, medium sized pastel pink glitter, small iridescent glitter, and pink/blue shimmer.

I used one coat of the topper on Let's Stay Together and two coats on You Got Me Started (the accent nail), then added topcoat to smooth things out.

My favorite part of Make Someone Happy was the shifting shimmer. I think if it had just that shimmer plus the iridescent glitter, this would be a much more versatile topper. I didn't care much for the big peach glitter, so wasn't unhappy that it was a bit hard to coax out of the bottle. The peach over the grey in particular bothered me for some reason.

As long as I was buying Lippmann, I also picked up a full size glitter topper called Cosmic Love. This is a festival of holo and metallic glitter in purple, gold, and rose gold.

The natural thing to do would have been to layer Cosmic Love over one of the cremes from the set, but since those are minis I didn't want to deplete them so fast. Instead, I used Cover Girl XL Rotund Raspberry as my base color, followed by 1 to 2 coats of Cosmic Love plus topcoat.

I would not change a thing about Cosmic Love. The only challenge I had with it was restraining myself from building up more coats so I could see more of the pretty glitter on my nails.

Deborah Lippmann is pricey, no doubt about that, but the bottles are very nice and her glitters especially are usually quite good, so I'm fine with splurging on them now and again.


  1. Cosmic Love does indeed look gorgeous! I like your other three polishes too, the shimmer in Make Someone Happy looks really nice and I quite like your darker version of Let's Stay Together :)

  2. Not loving that peach glitter either! May be nice on another base though...

  3. Not really my colors, but I think they look really pretty with the glitters, especially with Let's Stay Together!

  4. The autumn is coming ;)
    The glitter is my favourite. All of them are too sad somehow for me atm...

  5. I meant Cosmic Love when I wrote about the glitter...

  6. Nice collection but I do love the glitter topper - it looks wonderful and amazing. That shimmer!

    Cosmic Love is nice too :-)

  7. Cosmic Love looks so beautiful both in the bottle and layered! :)

  8. I really like Make Someone Happy. Such an interesting glitter!


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