Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Various Summer Brights Comparisons

I did a fair few comparisons when I swatched the L'Oreal Neons last month but my swatching boxes still had some brights that weren't in that shade range, so today I've got a few more comparisons showing different brands' takes on summer cremes.

Starting with bright pinks, I've got Orly Neon Heat (from this summer's Baked collection) and OPI Girls Love Ponies (from the Mustang collection).

What looks like a small difference in the bottle becomes much more pronounced on the nail, with the Orly being much brighter than the OPI—though the Orly is not quite neon despite the name; you can see that it doesn't dry to a satin finish like a true neon would. I used two coats of the Orly and three of the OPI, no topcoat; the OPI would have been two coats if I'd used a base, as the only reason I added the third was to disguise the ridges on my ring finger. Top to bottom: OPI, Orly, OPI, Orly.

In the orange red category, our contenders are Butter London Ladybird (Lolly Brights), OPI Race Red (Mustang), and NYC Carnival Red (City Samba).

Left to right below (two coats each):Butter London, OPI, NYC. These are very similar to each other, with the NYC being just a touch brighter. I actually liked the formula of the NYC the best, and since it's also the cheapest by a large margin, I'm declaring it the winner in this group.

I only had two medium pinks and two corals in my summer swatching boxes, so I put them together: Sally Hansen Summer Lovin' (from the new shades that showed up at Walgreens), Wet 'n' Wild Beat of a Generation (All Access Beauty), NYC Tropicoral (City Samba), and Sally Hansen Beach Redy (also Walgreens).

No dupes here. Top to bottom below: Summer Lovin' (3 coats), Beat of a Generation (2), Tropicoral (2), Beach Redy.

For light oranges, I have Julie G Old San Juan (Cruise), Maybelline Coral Heat (Bleached Neons), Essie Serial Shopper (2014 Neons), and Wet 'n' Wild Love Me Some Muscles (All Access Beauty).

No dupes here, either. Left to right (three coats of each): Julie G, Maybelline, Essie, Wet 'n' Wild. Julie G and Essie come closest to being a match, but the Julie G is definitely more yellow toned.

Moving on to bright lime greens, I've got three: OPI Life Gave Me Lemons (2014 Neons), Sparitual Firefly (Explore), and Maybelline Lime Accent (Bleached Neons).

Left to right below: OPI, Maybelline, Sparitual. The Sparitual is the brightest and most yellow-leaning. The Maybelline has a slightly more creamy, pastel look.

There were some medium greens in summer collections as well. I have these three: NYC Palm on the Beach (City Samba), Butter London Sozzled (Lolly Brights), and Wet 'n' Wild Contact High (All Access Beauty).

These are not at all alike, other than they're all green. Top to bottom: Butter London (2 coats), NYC (2), Butter London, Wet 'n' Wild (4). The Butter London is what I'd consider a true green. The NYC is leans more toward blue and also looks to have a touch of white in it. The Wet 'n' Wild is more yellow leaning and really could use some undies.

I will wrap up with a nail blogger fail moment. I took bottle shots of this next group, but neglected to get any photos of them on my nails. Duh. Left to right: Maybelline Day Glow Teal (Bleached Neons), Essie I'm Addicted (2014 Neons), Essie Vices Versa (2014 Neons), and OPI You Are So Outta Lime.


  1. Nice comparisons. I think the 3 red one are really similar! :-)

  2. The pinks and bright greens are so pretty :) And the red ones are similar indeed.

  3. UPS, I just fell in love with Maybelline Lime Accent - and I'm not even into limes LOL

  4. That Spa Ritual is so pretty. I was just looking at it online last night. I love your comp posts :)

  5. Thank you for this comparison post! I know bloggers don't have much time for these so I am very appreciative of this. Wonderful swatches and photos!


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