Monday, August 18, 2014

Oopsie Daisies Petals Collection

With more and more fall polishes hitting the stores recently, it's long past time when should have shared the spring collection from Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish, but fortunately these colors are still available in the Oopsie Daisies etsy shop, so I feel like it's not entirely too late. The Petals collection has five polishes in it: Marigold, Clover, Wisteria, Sweet Pea, and Calla Lily.

Marigold is a soft yellow with subtle peach and yellow shimmer. The color reminds me of French vanilla ice cream, or to put it in terms of office supplies, darker than file folders and lighter than interoffice envelopes. I used three coats for my swatch, though I very nearly stopped at two since it was very well behaved, especially for a yellow.

The shimmer in Marigold shows better in direct low light:

Calla Lily is a glitter topper with white, pastel yellow, and pastel and light green matte hexes of various sizes in a clear base.

I put two coats of Cally Lily over Marigold; the glitter laid pretty flat by itself so I skipped topcoat since I knew I still had the other colors to swatch.

Clover is a light green with subtle yellow shimmer. I used three coats for my swatch, plus two of Calla Lily on my accent nail.

Clover's shimmer in low direct light:

Wisteria is a slightly dusty light lilac with violet and white subtle shimmer. As with Clover, my swatch is three coats plus two of Calla Lily for the accent.

Direct low light shot of Wisteria:

Sweet Pea is a warm pink with pink and white shimmer. The shimmer in this is more visible than the other three, probably because the base color is deeper than those. Swatch is three coats, though I could have stopped at two, with the by now familiar two coats of Calla Lily accent.

I like this collection, especially the way Calla Lily coordinates with all the other colors. Like I mentioned earlier, they're all available from the Oopsie Daisies shop on esty.


  1. I LOVE Clover. Gorgeous colour!

  2. I agree, Clover is my favorite too - very beautiful!

  3. So pretty!!! I love Clover. I also really like how Calla Lily looks great with the other colors. I don't know how I missed this collection.

  4. I like the subtle shimmers these polishes have! They all look good with the glittery topper :-)

  5. NIce colors and Clover is my favorite.

  6. The yellow and the pink are my picks :)

  7. Beautiful colors and glitter too :)

  8. Lovely shades! And the bottle is super cute too!
    ps. thank you for your Monthly Displays posts, I'm planning my shopping time during my honeymoon and they are extremely helpful if you're an Italian addict with too many things on her wishlist and few time to visit the stores!!!! :D

  9. I think it's great how nicely the glitter works with all the colors, too! Very pretty, it's a nice collection.

  10. marigold and purple are so nice ! love it all :)

  11. Beautiful swatches Karen! I really love this collection so much! I was surprised how much I enjoyed that yellow since I don't always get along with yellows. I thought it was something special!

  12. The glitter complients each of the base polishes beautifully!


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