Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wet Paint Nails Continued

You may recall that earlier this summer Wet Paint Nails kindly sent me a bunch of polishes for review, and that when I did my second post about the Wet Paint Nail Glaze System I mentioned I had still more combinations to share. Being me, I got distracted and am only now getting around to wrapping up writing about my experience with this first batch of colors I tried from Wet Paint.

Let's kick things off with Shock & Aqua, a light turquoise creme. I used two coats for my swatch; the formula was quite nice.

To all a little something to Shock & Aqua, I topped it with two coats of Carmel Breeze, one of the shimmery Special Effects polishes.

The blue glow from Carmel Breeze was particularly glow-y in low direct light:

When I topped Shock & Aqua with Pearly Girl, the other shimmery Special Effects color, it gained a soft pink glow.

The pink from Pearly Girl really came out in direct sunlight:

Bimini Blue is a deep blue creme that's just a tiny bit purple-leaning. It's not too dark and always looks blue, not black. It's also opaque in one coat. I added topcoat to my swatch only to smooth out the hints of ridges showing from my non-basecoated nails.

Bimini Blue makes a great base for the Special Effects polishes. Top to bottom below: Bimini Blue alone, with two coats of Carmel Breeze, with two coats of Pearly Girl, with one coat of Crystal. It's hard to pick a favorite combination here. Carmel Breeze makes it vibrant; Pearly Girl makes it purple, and Crystal makes it sparkly. I like all those things.

On this particular day, sparkly won out, and I did a whole hand swatch of Bimini Blue plus Crystal (one coat of each plus topcoat). My camera apparently found this look distracting and all of the shots I took are slightly out of focus.

When I took this combination outside in the sun, the sparkle popped with so many rainbow colors. Talk about distracting!

Much as I enjoyed looking at Crystal, I was impatient to see how it would look under some of the Jellies. Top to bottom below, it's the Bimini Blue plus Crystal combination topped with: Go Fly a Malachite, I Am Aquagirl, Waterfalling for You, and Inky Nights. I love the ombre effect of these four together.

I also liked seeing Crystal sparkle behind the jelly: subtle but adds a lot of interest to the look. Here it is in low direct light indoors:

And in the sunshine:

I used Always Buy Platinum, a silver metallic, as an accent nail with Teal Me I'm Pretty, a teal shimmer. Both were two coats.

Just for fun, I put one coat of I Am Aquagirl over Always Buy Platinum, and that turned the silver into a near dupe for Teal My I'm Pretty.

While writing this post, I kept clicking over to the Wet Paint website to double check color names, which just whetted my appetite to get more of their colors, especially in the Jellies section—they've got some pastel ones that look especially intriguing. Jellies and Special Effects are priced at $8 a bottle, while base colors (cremes, shimmers, metallics) are $6.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider, and I get to keep the polishes for my own use.


  1. Ooh these look nice! I like the shimmery special effect polishes and I LOVE Crystal underneath the jellies!

  2. Hi dear Karen! I really like the initial turquoise and also the two top coated versions, especially the pink one! =)

  3. The shimmer in Shock and Aqua is gorgeous and Crystal is crazy!! I love it under those jellies. SO SO pretty.

    1. turtle, the shimmer is from the toppers--which means you can make other colors look that way, too. :)

  4. I like the holo looks on your nails :) These are my favourites.

  5. Shock & Aqua <3 and even more in combination with Pearly Girl.
    Crustal has a gorgeous effect too!!

  6. Shock & Aqua looks awesome :D
    love the combo with carmel breeze <3

  7. I love seeing the combinations you come up with for these polishes. I love their polishes! Crystal looks so beautiful under their jellies!

  8. These look really nice. I'm loving the topper on the first polish - what a shimmer and the glitter holo - wow especially in photo wp_07 :-D

  9. Loving Shock & Aqua!! Such pretty shimmer! @_@

  10. I like Bimini Blue and Crystal is amazing! :-)


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