Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wheel R6: Glitters from Studio M, Pure Ice, and Others

(all three coats, no topcoat, except as noted below)

1. Massini Sheer Denim [I got back into nail polish before this brand changed to Studio M; still not sure why they did that]
2. Massini Brown Velvet (2 coats)
3. Studio M Pink Glitter
4. Studio M Rudolf (2 plus topcoat) [pretty much a Slammin' Red dupe that was released with a holiday collection one year]
5. Studio M De-luxe-cious (3 plus topcoat)
6. Studio M It's a Hit
7. Pure Ice Don't You Wish
8. Pure Ice unknown [this is labeled Spitfire, but I know that's wrong]
9. Pure Ice Spitfire
10. Pure Ice Dreamy [square glitter makes this more interesting]
11. Pure Ice Super Star
12. Pure Ice Cheatin' (4)
13. Pure Ice Strapless (4)
14. Pure Ice Strapless (4) [this is an alternate version with silver glitter added to the blue; not sure if this was a mistake batch that made it to stores or what]
15. Pure Ice Once Again
16. Pure Ice Rescue Me
17. NYX Girls Carnival
18. Freshcover Sequin Dress
19. Viva la Diva 71
20. Precision Rebel Red in You

Bottles 1 through 6:

7 through 11:

12 through 16:

17 through 20:


  1. Nice glitters Karen! I spied the Freshcover polish. I picked up one of these really cheap today in a shop and I'd never heard of them before :-| It is a polish called Blue Veil - it looks amazing kinda iridescent type glitter! :-)

    I've got loads of KleanColor glitters that I should probably stick on a swatch wheel!!!!

  2. Will you ever do a storage/collection post? I'm dying to know how many pretties you have!

    1. Norma, I feel tired just thinking about doing a stash post, mostly because I would want to get things more organized before that, and I'm not doing so great with that project. :) Right now, I have four Helmers in my bedroom closet, eight (I think) in my basement, and some number of boxes of overflow. Thousands of bottles of polish, all patiently waiting for their turn to be on the blog and on my fingers.

    2. @_@ man oh man visiting your house would be right up there with taking a trip to Disney World for me lol! Makes sense why you'd be hesitant to do a stash post with all those pretties though

  3. 8, 12, 17 are my favourites. The stars are smashing, so much my style!

  4. I'm not a big glitter fan, but I like the look of the vampy and gorgeous #20 Precision Rebel Red in You!

  5. 13 and 14 look really nice, but 8 is my favourite - yay for star glitter! =D

  6. i refuse to watch your wheels, because you only made my wish list growing ;)
    think i need Studio M De-luxe-cious and Precision Rebel Red now :D

  7. My favourite is NYX Girls Carnival :)


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