Friday, February 6, 2015

Bonita Salon and Bonita by Royal Essence Spring Collection Selections

Whew, it's been quite a busy week at work, with lunch meetings on multiple days taking up my regular blogging time, but today I am eating at my desk and getting a post written. Though looking at the time and the meetings I have scheduled this afternoon, actually posting the post will have to wait until the end of the day.

I kicked off my first display post of 2015 with three collections from Bonita, one in the Salon line and two from Bonita by Royal Essence. Today I've got my selections from those displays; amazingly, it's not all of them. Oh, I was tempted to get them all, sure, especially since they're cheap, but I am really really trying to show a little bit of restraint. That said, I did get all six of the colors from the Bonita Salon collection, Fabulously Diva. My restraint in this case was that I bought only two to start, then went back for the other four later. I guess that's progress in my shopping behavior. I did better with the Bonita by Royal Essence displays, getting only one from I Flippin' Love It and three from Greetings Earthlings. I'm going to dispense with bottle shots today and get right to the polish.

I did a sneek peek of one of this first pair in my NOTD catchup post last monght, when I used Bonita by Royal Essence Penny for Your Thoughts (from Greetings Earthlings collection) as a stamping polish. Below it's an accent nail. I used only one coat of this coppery metallic. My other nails are sporting Fantasy Flowers, a vibrant red violet subtle shimmer from Bonita Salon. That was two coats.

Above two shots are in my lightbox; below is direct low light:

For my next pair, I did a Bonita Salon accent (Dream Wonderland, a silver shimmer) for another Bonita by Royal Essence metallic (Sea Me, a seafoam green, also from Greetings Earthlings). Both of these were two coats, but one might have sufficed with careful application. I was not digging the brushstrokes on the silver and wondering if the silver from Greetings Earthlings would have been better (but I do like the square Salon bottles).

I got one more of the metallics, the silvery blue that shares a name with the whole display, Greetings Earthlings. I did one coat of it as an accent nail with Bonita Salon Made to Envy, a turquoise shimmer, which was a two-coater.

In low direct light:

Bonita Salon True Diva is a red shimmer; I accented it with Bonita Salon Prima Donna, a wine shimmer. Both of these were two coats.

I then topped the two Salon reds with the single polish I got from the I Flippin' Love It collection, I Could Care Less, which has mixed sizes of gold hex glitter plus pink holo bar glitter in a clear base. The name bothers me; "I could care less" is starting to mean "I couldn't care less" and those are not the same thing! And yes, I am also upset about "literally" now also meaning "figuratively". I know language evolves; I just wish it didn't do so stupidly. Anyway, I used two coats of the glitter.

My favorite of the Bonita Salon colors got a whole hand to itself. Royal Wishes is a royal blue flecked shimmer; I used two coats for my swatch.

Royal Wishes in low light:

Now that I've tried all these, I'm wishing I'd gotten all of the metallics from the Greetings Earthlings display instead of all the Salon colors. The Greetings Earthlings ones apply so nicely, very opaque and not patchy like metallics can sometimes be, and they're only $1.49. I'm okay with not having gotten the three cremes from the other Bonita by Royal Essence collection, I Flippin' Love It, and think I'm okay with having only the one glitter. The other two glitters seemed like things I surely must have something very similar to already, but I can't guarantee I won't pick them up at some point anyway. In the Salon collection, I'd be happy to just keep the blues, Royal Wishes and Made to Envy. The reds and purple are fine but don't sing to me the way the blues do. The silver I can't recommend, what with the brushstrokes and there being better silvers readily available.


  1. OOOoooooohhhhhh!!!! I love the Sea Me and Dream Wonderland combo!

  2. So beautiful! Great job! Have a successful day dear!

  3. wow, amazing collection, especially blue shades- gorgeous :)

  4. The sea foam green and the royal blue are my favorites!

  5. Hi Karen! The one I prefer is true diva! Very nice shade =)

  6. Sea Me and Royal Wishes are simply beautiful. Love them! <3

  7. Oh wow some really nice colours here :-) And I really love the glitter.

  8. Really nice colours! I love your use of accent nails, the colour combinations were really nice :)

  9. Royal Wishes looks so gorgeous in the low light! <3

  10. Your favourite is my favourite too, Royal Wishes looks gorgeous! I also really like Fantasy Flowers.


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