Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Random Beauty Supply Finds

The other week I was at a Sally Beauty a little outside my normal shopping routes and across the parking lot I noticed an independent beauty supply. I suspected it would be, like most similar places around here, a "hair store" full of wigs and extensions and either no nail polish or a very little nail polish in displays that hadn't been updated with new stock in a while, but I hadn't been to this particular one before, so tromped across the snow to see what I could see. It actually had a whole aisle of nail stuff, so that was a pleasant surprise. They didn't have the latest from OPI or China Glaze or Orly, so I won't be adding them to my regular rounds, but they did have some older colors and some brands I rarely see at retail locations, like Ruby Kisses and Kleancolor and NK (Nicka K). Of course I found a few things to buy. Left to right below: Ruby Kisses Deal with the Devil (this was 50 cents because it's an old bottle style), Orly Sapphire Luck (September polish from the birthstone collection which I think was 2004; this was $1.99), NK Neon Glitter Purple and Panorama, Kleancolor Playful Lavender (I am hoping that fill line being down is due to evaporation, not swatching in the store, but there are enough chemicals in there I'm not worried about cooties in any case).

Ruby Kisses Deal with the Devil is a deep navy blue with very subtle shimmer. I used two coats.

Here's a direct low light shot so you can see how very subtle the shimmer is:

Of course the blue looked like a great canvas for the glitters, so I popped those on. Top to bottom: Kleancolor Playful Lavender, NK Panorama, NK Neon Glitter Purple, all three glitters. I added topcoat to smooth and shine. All of these glitters have a mix of smaller and larger hexes. Playful Lavender and Neon Glitter Purple have a monochromatic look; lighter lilac for the Kleancolor and rich purple for the NK. Panorama has small lilac and larger holo silver, turquoise, and pink. I think these all work quite nicely together. (I also think I could have done a better job of clean up, but I was excited and distracted by my new pretties.)

I expected Orly Sapphire Luck to be on the sheer side based on the other colors I have from this collection, so I put Ruby Kisses Deal with the Devil on an accent nail first, topping it with one coat of Sapphire Luck. I did three coats of Sapphire Luck alone on the remaining three nails. I also slicked on some topcoat for added shine and smoothing. The Orly has a slight blue/purple duochrome, which you can see best on the dark base color. I'm quite liking the microflakie shimmer finish of this Orly.

I also got an RK by Kiss matte shimmer, a deep green called Deep Green. This turned out to be a wonderful one-coater that reminded me a lot of the OPI Suede collection. I liked this one so much that if this particular store were on my usual routes, I would have gone back to see what other colors there were. I still might even though it will require a trip out of my way.

Deep Green looks good with topcoat, too.

Much as I enjoy stalking new collections, it's fun to pick up some oddballs like this every now and then. (And that right there is why I have so many Helmers full of polish; it's all fun to me.)


  1. New finds are alway fun! Really liking that last one; you better go back and see what other colours they have!

  2. Sometimes you can find surprising nail polishes in surprising places!

  3. The Deep Green is gorgeous! Great find! I love finding hidden gems at random places. The entire haul was great!

  4. What an amazing find!! ^_^ I've had that KleanColor glitter on my amazon wishlist for ages... I guess I can take it off.... lol Not quite what I was hoping it would be.


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