Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wheel Y7: Silvery Taupe Shimmers

Gah, yes, it's yet another busy week that's interfering with my posting here. Poor Nail Wheel Wednesday almost got pushed off again, but I decided to just for right now ignore the list of 13 things I must do before I leave work today and instead enjoy a little break. Surely that will recharge me enough that I'll be more productive when I return my attention to work list.

Today's wheel has shimmers in a color family I called "silvery taupe" when I jotted down my notes about it during the painting session. Looking at it now, some are not very silvery or especially taupe at all, but things get a little chaotic when I'm sorting bottles sometimes.

1. Sally Hansen Salon Moonstone (3 coats)
2. Icing Champagne Bubbles (2)
3. Sally Hansen New Lengths Brocade (2) [I never know if the finish description on these is part of the name; today I decided not, so listing as "Brocade" instead of "Brocade Frost"]
4. Color Club unlabelled (2)
5. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Bride to Be (2) [love the microflakies here; feel like this line doesn't get the attention it deserves, even from the brand itself, as I haven't seen any seasonal collections in a long while at the same time they're pumping out new Xtreme Wears and Insta Dris and Complete Salons]
6. Deborah Lippmann Believe (2) [more complex than it looks at first glance; great subtle sparkle]
7. Orly Too Much Bubbly (3)
8. Maybelline Colorama Touch of Taupe (2)
9. Chanel Trapeze (2)
10. Illamasqua Bacterium (2) [better in the bottle than on the nail, at least in most lighting conditions]
11. Essence Colour & Go Gold Rush (2)
12. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Foxy (3) [almost a two-coater]
13. Pro 10 Hi Fi (3) [also almost a two-coater]
14. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Mesh (2) [I'm always pleasantly surprised when an older polish like this isn't brushstrokey]
15. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Zippy (2) [ditto]
16. Essie Steel-ing the Scene (2) [this one, on the other hand, unpleasantly surprised; no reason for brushstrokes nowadays with our modern ingredients]
17. Sally Hansen Insta Dri Metallic Momentum (2) [almost a one-coater; love the finish]
18. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Tyin' the Knot (2)
19. Orly Sea Gurl (2) [forgotten how much I liked this one]
20. Essence Colour & Go Date with the Night (2)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 16:

17 through 20:

Destash notes: 2 can go; I'm not even sure how this got into my stash in the first place. Don't need 4, either, especially since I don't know its name. 7 and 9 are similar enough that I could just keep one of them, and the Chanel would likely swap/sell better so the Orly will stay. 11 would have to go up against other golds to battle for its place in my stash. 13 can go because it's like 12 but in a more annoying bottle (a touch too tall for a Helmer drawer and I don't have any sentimental attachment to the brand the way I do with the almost as tall Sally Hansens). 16 is too frosty for me; sorry, Essie.


  1. These are not speaking to me = not my colors, but I know how well you wear them :)

  2. Some of them are quite nice and I do own a few :-0

  3. I love these polishes, especially the lighter ones. I like that they are neutral but have character in some way. Thanks!

  4. Hi!
    Been looking for Orly's "Too Much Bubbly" everywhere! Does anyone know if it's discontinued? Or where I could get it? Or the next closes color that is still around?


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