Friday, February 27, 2015

New Shades of Sally Hansen Triple Shine and FingerPaints

For today's post, I pulled two groups of polish out to play with each other, simply because they were both in my swatching queue and both were new shades in their respective polish lines. Given that there were a total of 16 shades, getting them all into one post meant doing a lot of combinations, like this look involving three base colors and a glitter with a jelly sandwich on one nail thrown in for good measure.

We'll get to the details on that in a little bit; first let's look at what we're dealing with. There are ten new shades of Sally Hansen Triple Shine, which I felt compelled to buy all of because I've at least Skittle swatched every shade in the line since it was introduced in 2013 (see first 29 colors plus the topcoat, the Palm Beach "jellies", and the Tahiti Sunset collection). There were so many in this group they wouldn't fit nicely in my lightbox. Left to right: Wet Suit, Seas the Day, Make a Splash, Water Lily, Redflection, Watts New, Deep End, Shelling Secrets, Shark Bait, and Peach Party.

The Triple Shines would have been plenty to swatch at one go on their onw, but also kind of boring what with all those cremes in there, so the glittery new FingerPaints shades seemed like the perfect companion set. Left to right: Such a Fake, Daubigny's Garden, You Gotta Be Kitsch-ing Me, Still Life Strawberry, Th-ink Outside the Box, and Violaceous Vase. (I understand that there are four additional shades being added to the line, but my Sally Beauty store only had these six in the display I saw. Not sure if the others were already slipped into the core display or if they'll be featured in a special display coming up.)

Okay, back the swatches. That first look started with the three Triple Shine shades that I thought I'd like the least on me, the light peach, beige, and light orange ones. Top to bottom: Shelling Secrets (3 coats), Peach Party (2), Shark Bait (2), Shelling Secrets (3). I was surprised that Shelling Secrets was sheer; I assumed it would be a regular creme. It was quite well behaved, not streaky, and would make a great French manicure shade. Ideally for my skintone, I'd want it to be a touch pinker. The two cremes here were also nice to work with, and needed only two coats is a bonus in my mind.

To the above, I added one coat of FingerPaints You Gotta Be Kitsch-ing Me, a multi-colored multi-sized hex glitter topper. It's got silver, gold, green, blue, pink, and orange in it. On my index finger, I added another coat of Sally Hansen Shelling Secrets to make a jelly sandwich. I quite liked that.

The four cremes in the middle of the bottle shot seemed destined to be Skittled. Top to bottom: Water Lily (red violet), Redflection (dark red), Watts New (warm deep purple), and Deep End (cool deep purple). These were two coats, except for Deep End, which was one.

I chose to top these cremes with one coat of the FingerPaints black and white glitter topper, Th-ink Outside the Box. In retrospect, that was poor choice, as the black glitter visually blended in with the darker of the base colors. Ah well, stuff like that's gonna happen now and again.

The last three Triple Shine Colors are all cool tones: the light blue Make a Splash (the only shimmer in bunch), the teal blue Seas the Day, and the blue grey Wet Suit. On my pinky, I freehanded a soft wave of Wet Suit on a base of Seas the Day and topped both with Make a Splash. These three were all two coaters, though the cremes might have been okay at one if I'd been attentive to application.

I didn't think those two shimmery nails were a good base for a glitter topper, so I stripped those nails and made a Wet Suit/Seas the Day alternating palette for FingerPaints Daubigny's Garden, which has translucent and iridescent glitters that gold, green, and blue in the bottle and over cooler toned base colors like I used here.

The next FingerPaints I tried was not a topper, but rather a full coverage polish with multi-colored glitter in a gold metallic shimmer base. I did three coats of Such a Fake (I probably could have topped at two), then accented my ring finger with two coats of FingerPaints Still Life Strawberry, which has pink-leaning red glitter in a clear base.

Still Life Strawberry got a little lost against the busy gold base, so I gave it a chance to star on its own over Sally Hansen Insta Dri Navy Fleet. This is one coat of each:

The last FingerPaints left was Violaceous Vase, which has purple glitter in a light lilac shimmery base. I wanted to see how this would layer, so did Sally Hansen Triple Shine Deep End on an accent nail first. I topped Deep End with one coat of the FingerPaints and did three coats on the rest of my nails. The base shimmer has a pink/purple shift to it that showed up over the dark base on my accent nail.

I wanted to have a little more fun with Daubigny's Garden, so I layered it over this last purple look.

I wish I'd taken even more time to play with Daubigny's Garden, as it transforms over different base colors, sometimes showing only purple and pink in the glitter. Go look at Seize the Sparkle and Lavish Layerings to see some other faces of this glitter. I'd like to go back and do some more playing with it, using it over various colors and at various numbers of coats (I only used one in my session).

Instead of doing another look with Daubigny's Garden, I instead did a comparison between FingerPaints You Gotta Be Kitsch-ing Me and FingerPaints Tangled in Tinsel, which was part of a limited edition trio they released for last Christmas. Can you tell which is which without seeing the labels on the bottom? Yeah, me neither.

Here they are alternated over Sally Hansen Insta Dri Enchantment. Doesn't matter which is on what nails, becuase they are the exact same glitter mix.

These new additions to the Sally Hansen Triple Shine line seem like decent basics; nothing too exciting. I was surprised to find my favorite was the pale peach; I can see using that for delicate jelly sandwiches all spring long. The new FingerPaints are much more interesting by comparison. The black and white glitter is my least favorite, mostly because I feel like I've seen too many similar to it already (funny how fast that happened; it wasn't so long ago black and white glitter was the hot new trend). Sure, I've seen plenty of multi-colored toppers like You Gotta Be Kitsch-ing Me, too, but those feel more versatile and usable to me than black and white.


  1. I love every glittery Finger Paints you show here but... Daubigny's Garden is absolutely my favourite one!

  2. Oh my goodness.... *dies* So many pretty glitters!!

  3. I love the glitters over the nude polishes. That is really a pretty look and it looks so springtimey.

  4. Hi dear Karen, I really like the final glittery lilac mani!

  5. I'm really liking the glitters :-)

  6. Such a Fake is my favourite :D. It looks so cool! :)


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