Friday, February 13, 2015

Sally Hansen Meets SinfulColors, Round 2

It's been another busy week for me, but I just couldn't let it go by without any posts here at all. I'm hoping to be back to a more normal blogging schedule soon.

A couple weeks ago, I played with eight new Insta Dri core shades from Sally Hansen in combination with two glitter toppers from SinfulColors. (Oh, and I don't think I had a chance to say a public congratulations to the two winners of the small giveway I did of those; one set is going to Emelie in Sweden and the other to Tara in Ohio.) Today I've got another Sally Hansen plus SinfulColors play date to share (no giveaway, though, sorry).

The Sally Hansen Insta Dri colors involved are the latest limited edition shades: Enchantment, Berry Magical, Grape Escape, Vanished, Poison Ivy, and Royal Reign.

The SinfulColors that came to play are the three Opalescent shimmery toppers from the Flight Patterns display in stores now: Prized Plume, Flight to See, and Sheer Flight.

To start my experimenation, I put on a base of two coats of Sally Hansen Enchantment, an orchid creme. I left that alone on my index finger. On my middle finger, I added one coat of SinfulColors Flight to See, a purple shimmer. My ring got one coat of Prized Plume, a blue shimmer. My pinky was topped with a coat of Sheer Flight, a green shimmer. The purple, being closest to the base color, had the most subtle effect. The blue topper made for a more dramatic change. I wasn't entirely sure about adding the green topper to the orchid, but the combination looked good, and was probably the most interesting transformation.

I loved the glow of the shimmers in low light:

The next base color I tried was Berry Magical, a plum creme. This was also two coats, left alone on my index finger and topped with one coat of the SinfulColors shimmers in the same order as above: Flight to See, Prized Plume, and Sheer Flight. What a difference the base color makes; with the darker base, the toppers show more of their own colors.

Gorgeous glow in low light:

Sally Hansen Grape Escape is a very dark purple creme; I followed the same pattern with it as the two above. With this very deep base shade, the colors of the shimmers were less prominent than with the medium dark Berry Magical but still visible. I especially loved the richness of the purple on purple combination on my middle finger here.

Next up, Poison Ivy, a very dark green creme, again topped with the SinfulColors shimmers in the same order. The green undertone of the base made both Prized Plume and Sheer Flight (the blue and green shimmers) really stand out.

I couldn't resist a low light shot of the shimmers on the green base; so pretty:

Royal Reign is a dark slightly dusty blue creme that got the same shimmer treatment as its buddies which preceded it.

Vanished is the only shimmer in this Sally Hansen group; it's a deep warm brown.

In low light, the wine highlights in Vanished came out:

Of course I had to give Vanished the Flight to See, Prized Plume, and Sheer Flight treatment:

Though they're called toppers on the display, the SinfulColors can be worn on their own and layered with each other. Top to bottom below: Flight to See (3 coats), Flight to See plus Prized Plume plus Flight to See, Prized Plume alone (3 coats), Prized Plume plus Sheer Flight plus Prized Plume again plus Sheer Flight again.

As I was putting the Sally Hansen colors into the roughly sorted bins by color and finish, I couldn't help but notice some of them looked similar to some of the other newer Sally Hansen colors, so had to do some quick comparisons.

Left to right below (all two coats): Sally Hansen Insta Dri Vanished, Cocoa A Go Go, Navy Fleet, and Royal Reign. Vanished is a more reddish brown than Cocoa A Go Go. Navy Fleet is darker and a touch more clear toned than Royal Reign.

Left to right below (2 coats except for last one, which was one but I should have used two for leveling purposes): Sally Hansen Insta Dri Enchantment, Cherry Fast, Grape Escape, and Plummet. Enchantment and Cherry Fast are similar hues for sure, with Enchantment being the lighter sister and Cherry Fast the darker. Grape Escape and Plummet are both dark purples, with Grape Escape being warmer and Plummet cooler toned.

So no dupes there in the new Insta Dri core and the current limited edition group, but enough similarities that I'm not sure why they both needed to be released at around the same time. I would have loved to see the limited edition group be all shimmers at least to make them more interesting. I do very much like these SinfulColors shimmery toppers; they're a great way to add oomph to cremes, and they seem to play nice with a variety of hues.


  1. Poison Ivy topped is my pick :)

  2. I love these toppers. I don't usually go out of my way for Sinful, but Sheer Flight is gorgeous. Thanks for layering them over different colors!

  3. I love these toppers. I don't usually go out of my way for Sinful, but Sheer Flight is gorgeous. Thanks for layering them over different colors!

  4. Beautiful post, really interesting...thx for sharing!

  5. Nice colours :-) I'm really loving the Sinful Colors :-D

  6. I looove your pictures in low light!! That shimmer is just gorgeous. I really like Berry Magical and Grape Escape of the cremes.

  7. Ooh I love the toppers! They look awesome :) And thank you for the prize, it landed in my mailbox a couple of days ago, I'm so happy with it!

  8. More Sinful Colors I'll have to keep my eyes open for....

  9. Now THESE I need to get! Lovely over all the different colors *and* by themselves? Yes, please!

  10. Absolutely epic post, in my opinion! Thanks so much for your careful, organized swatching and comparisons. Yours is my go-to blog for information about and swatches of all my favorite affordable drugstore brands!


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