Thursday, February 19, 2015

Milani Fierce Foil Swatches

I'm still not won over by Milani changing to cylindrical bottles (the caps being the same width as the base means I can't see the polish color when the bottles are in my Helmer drawers, which wasn't the case with the previous Milani bottles), but that did not stop me from scooping up all six of the Fierce Foil shades.

I didn't have the time or attention span to swatch each of the colors individually; fortunately, they paired up with each other nicely. My first duo is the very spring/Easter-appropriate combination of Rome, a lilac, and Capri, a pink. I used two coats of each. I know these are called "foil" but I'd classify them as microflakie shimmers; they're not especially metallic-looking, and that's part of my criteria for foil finishes. The flakies in Rome have a gold tone, while the ones in Capri look coppery.

The next pair would be good for St. Patrick's Day: Milan, a gold, and Florence, a warm green. Again I used two coats of each color. Milan was very blingy, to the point where I had trouble getting my camera to focus properly. Florence looked sort of dull by comparison; it had some golden microflakies in it, but not nearly enough to stand up to Milan. I added topcoat to Florence thinking making it shinier would help, but I don't think that worked.

I'm not sure what holiday the final duo would fit; New Year's Eve, maybe? Some winter one, for sure. It's Sardinia (spelled as Sardina on the label on my bottle), a pearly white, and Venice, a royal blue. There are a fair few golden flakies packed into Sardinia; perhaps it would have made a better pair with Milan. Venice looks much more fine-grained by comparison; it has purpley pink microflakies. Sardinia was less opaque than the others; I used three coats of it, while Venice was two like the rest of the collection.

Because it was a bit more sheer, I tried Sardinia as a topper on the four less-blingy shades. Left to right: Capri, Rome, Venice, and Florence—all two coats plus one of Sardinia.

I used some of the time I saved by not doing full hand swatches to do some dotted nail art with Rome, Venice, and Florence. I used OPI matte topcoat to give the shimmers a different look.

There isn't a bad polish in this bunch. Milan is not a great color for me personally, but the finish is fabulous; I hope they'll do a silver or pewter like this in a future collection. Sardinia would be my top pick if I could have only one; it's wearable on its own and also fun to use as a topper for layering.


  1. all of them are gorgeous but I love this purple so very much :)

  2. So odd that they would call this foils!! I really like Rome and Capri, and I love how bright and sparkly Milan is!

  3. Great collection! Venice is really beautiful.

  4. I like the the dotticure you did. I've never bought this brand, nothing has ever stood out for me. Lovely swatches!

  5. Oh wow, I really llike these :-D

  6. Gorgeous color combinations! Now I'll have to start keeping an eye out for these in stores :)

  7. The new new Milani bottles have the color on the top of the cap!!

  8. Hmm I got the green but now I think I should have gotten the gold instead. That gold has been calling to me since I saw swatches.

  9. nice colors,although i wouldn't call these polishes a foil ;)
    i prefer new bottles, i'm simple woman - give me squared or rounded bottle and i'm happy :D


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