Monday, December 30, 2019

Sally Hansen Insta Dri Comparisons

It's been a while since I did a comparison post, and I had the Sally Hansen Insta Dri Tropical Brights summer cremes still sitting around unswatched, so I grabbed even more Insta Dri cremes and had me a time.

First up, the yellows and oranges: My Ca-Banana, Dandelion, Hit the Deck, Apricot, Melon, To the Peach.

Left to right below (2 coats of each): My Ca-Banana, Dandelion, My Ca-Banana, Dandelion. I really couldn't tell a difference between these other than My Ca-Banana seemed ever so slightly "squishier", not a jelly by any stretch but it seemed to a have a touch more depth to it compared to the flat yellow of Dandelion. Still, I don't think there's any reason to track down both of these.

The oranges are more distinct. Top to bottom (all two coats): Hit the Deck, Apricot, Melon, To the Peach. Apricot and Melon are the closest, but Apricot is definitely lighter. These four together are nearly a great ombre look (I'd want To the Peach to be a bit lighter to make it work better ... I'm sure I have something that would fit in between there to give me five peaches to ombre with).

On to the pinks and reds: Flamin-go, Cotton Candy, Scarlet, Strawberry Heat, Wild Strawberry.

Left to right below (2 coats each): Flamin-go, Cotton Candy, Flamin-go, Cotton Candy. Flamin-go leans a touch cooler (closer to purple tones).

Now the reds, top to bottom (also two coats each): Strawberry Heat, Scarlet, Strawberry Heat, Wild Strawberry. Strawberry Heat and Scarlet are very close; Strawberry Heat is a touch more squishy. Wild Strawberry is just a tad cooler toned than the other two.

Finally the blues: Sky Blue, Cruisin' Blue, Cerulean.

Left to right below: Sky Blue (2 coats), Crusin' Blue (2 coats), Cerulean (1 coat, though 2 would have been better given my ridges on that nail), Crusin' Blue. These are close, though Sky Blue is a touch lighter and Cerulean a touch darker than Crusin' Blue (which I keep wanting to spell "Cruisin'".

I figured I'd have a little fun with the summer colors before I put them away; the collection divided nicely into two halves: pastel (Hit the Deck, To the Peach, and Flamin-go) and bright (My Ca-Banana, Crusin' Blue, and Strawberry Heat). With each half, I did the lightest shade on my index and middle fingers, with the remaining two shades on ring and pinky, then added dots to my index finger with the darker two colors.

These colors aren't anything unique, but I do like the Insta Dri formula and the wide flat brush fits my nails (which are admittedly on the big side for a lady).


  1. I like the reds and the dotty mani!

    All the best for New Year Karen :-D

  2. I saw you too!! 😉
    I was looking to see if my Insta-Dri set sail was a dupe for Essies Bikini so Teeny - not as lavender, btw, but it’ll do nicely anyway! - and found your blog in my search. I love the nail art in the last pics. You did so well!! Inspo!!


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