Friday, December 20, 2019

SinfulColors Vanessa Hudgens Jungle Beat

SinfulColors distribution mystifies me. I can't buy the polish if I can't find it, and all too often I can't find it. Today I have some colors from a Vanessa Hudgens collection called Jungle Beat from last year that I never saw anywhere. Apparently they showed up at a few small chain stores in a few US states. I only got the colors I have thanks to a Sinful fan group on Facebook; a kind woman there found them and bought extras to help out those of us who'd otherwise miss out. I'd still love to have the other shades from this collection but I don't think that's going to happen. I'll just have to enjoy the ones I do own.

Left to right below: Snapdragon, Luscious, Nectar, Off the Vine, Vicious, On the Prowl, and Fantastical.

I feel very fortunate that one of the ones I have is Off the Vine, an olive green pearly shimmer. This covers in two coats. It's just the sort of unusual color that makes my heart happy.

Look how pretty it is in direct light:

Vicious is pretty neat, too; it's is a dark green flecked shimmer and another two-coater.

Snapdragon is a warm red creme and Luscious is a warm red shimmer, so I swatched them together. Snapdragon is on my index finger (top) and Luscious is on my other three digits. I used three coats of each, though two might have also worked.

The last three are all cremes: Nectar (yellow), On the Prowl (deep turquoise blue), and Fantastical (royal blue). Top to bottom: Nectar (3 coats), On the Prowl (2 coats), Fantastical (2 coats), Nectar with dots of the other two.

The ones I don't have are Orchid, a blue-leaning purple shimmer that looks just lovely in the swatches I've seen, Dynamite, a pink with gold shimmer that's also pretty, and Primal, a cinnamon shimmer I feel like I can do without. (There was also a warm orange creme called Heat Wave, but that was only spotted in Australia, if I recall correctly, and I am super aware right now that I have enough orange cremes.)


  1. I agree! Why is it so hard to find Sinful Colors? I love Off the Vine! I wish you could buy them from their website.

    1. Donna, I know! They had those few collections on Amazon this year which was nice if you are okay with Amazon but yeah, why not let us order direct by the bottle? They could create some jobs and sell more polish.

  2. They don't really sell Sinful Colors over here, just in discount stores and older collections! They look nice :-D

    1. Anaka, lately it feels like they barely sell them over here, either. :D The brand's IG says new things are coming in 2020 but we shall see.


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