Friday, January 31, 2020

First Displays of 2020

I'm going to try and do at least monthly display posts this year, starting now. It's been a little over a month since the last display post of 2019, so it's time.

This year's Essie Valentine's collection is Piece Love & Chocolate; I saw it at Walgreens. Six shades with themed overwraps on the bottles: Don't Be Choco-late, Unwrap Me, Piece Love & Chocolate, Talk Sweet to Me, Surprise & Delight, Love-Fate Relationship.

At Fred Meyer, I spotted an Essie Gel Couture display for the Timeless Tweeds collection. Shades here: Woven with Wisdom, All I Tweed, Down to the Herringbone, Polished and Poised, Not What It Seams, Wool Me Over. There's also the top coat (white bottles on the right).

Right next to the Timeless Tweeds (which I didn't know about ahead of time), there was the new Essie Expressie quick dry line I was looking forward to seeing. I was quite pleased to see some more daring colors in this one, especially a couple of fugly yellows. Top row (there are two bottles of each shade throughout): Crop Top & Roll, Second Hand First Love, Checked In, Buns Up, Busy Beeline. Second row: Don't Hate Curate, All Things OOO, Strong at 1%, Bait and Be Bold, Seize the Minute. Third row: In the Time Zone, Throw It On, IRL, Not so Low-Key, Taxi Hopping. Bottom row: Express To Impress, Air Dry, Binge-Worthy, Now or Never, Always Transparent.

Walmart had a new line of fake nails from imPress: the Couture Collection. These have crystals and similar embellishments.

After Christmas, I came across some LA Colors polishes at Walmart that surely were intended for Christmas gift giving; I thought I'd been in there before the holidays but missed these somehow. It's a a line I hadn't seen before called Glitter Bash, and by the time I found them, there were six shades left: Nobility, Exemplary, Reign, Crown Princess, Coronation, and Prestigious. I know there's at least one more shade, a teal called Blue Blood; I know this because someone on ebay has it listed as a duo with Reign for $16.95. No thank you. Someone in a Facebook group mentioned a multicolored one, but had no photos so I don't know if they meant Coronation or not. LA Colors website has no mention of them at all at this point.

Rite Aid has a new exclusive line called PXL Pixellated Color. I've seen it at two stores so far; in both cases it was on one of the ends of the Nail Bar, so easy to overlook if you, like I, mostly scan the seasonal shelves for new stuff. At least they did put a card announcing the brand on the top of the Nail Bar on that side. The shade line up skews heavily toward neutrals and pinks, but that's what sells best, so that makes sense. Top row: Base Coat, Top Coat, White, Nude, Pale Pink, Oyster, Champagne, Rose Gold, Pink, Mauve, Metallic Rose, Fuschia. Bottom row: Deep Purple, Pink Glitter, Metallic Eggplant, Black, Bubble Gum, Golden Pink, Coral Red, Taupe, Purple Sheen, Purple Pearl, Golden Rose, Taupe (again). Looking at the Rite Aid website, there is one color missing from this display: True Red. No surprise that the classic red creme was the first to get sold out.

Just after Christmas, I found a Sally Hansen Happy Holidays display without price stickers covering up some of the shade names, so I can now tell you that the polish I didn't know the name of last month is All the Jingle Ladies (white one on the left).

On to current Sally Hansen, they've introduced a whole new line: Good Kind Pure (which they style as Good. Kind. Pure., and that's too many periods for me). I first saw it at Walgreens, in a standalone floor display with polishes on two sides.

First side, top row: Hardener (times 2), White Tea (in slot that should be top coat), Top Coat. Second row (Duo Packs): Soft Plum & Top Coat (times 2; second should be Pinky Clay & Top Coat). Third row: Rose Petal, Pink Cloud, Pinky Clay, Be-gon-ia. Fourth row: Pink Cardamon, Golden Quartz, Meteorite, Lava Rocks. Fifth row: Elderflower Power, Soft Plum, Mother Earth, Soothing Slate. Bottom row: Coconut Milk, Romantic Peach, Almond Tan, Raw Cocoa.

Second side, top row: Top Coat (times 4; first two should be Hardener). Second row (Duo Packs): Soft Plum & Top Coat, Pinky Clay and Top Coat. Third row: Pomegranate Punch, Cherry Amore, Beet It (times 2). Fourth row: Pink Sapphire, Eco-Rose, Grape Vine (times 2). Fifth row: Coral Calm, Fruity Papaya, Peony Origins, Sweet Berries. Bottom row: White Tea, Sun-tastic, Crystal Blue, Laven-dear.

Fred Meyer had a smaller shelf top display of Good Kind Pure. Front row: Top Coat, Hardener, White Tea, Romantic Peach, Pink Cloud, Pink Caradamom, Golden Quartz. Back row: Laven-dear, Pinky Clay, Pink Sapphire, Eco-Rose, Soothing Slate, Crystal Blue, Sweet Berries.

Walmart had an endcap for Good Kind Pure. Top row: Romantic Peach (times 2), Mother Earth (times 2), Raw Cocoa (times 2), Soft Plum (times 2), Top Coat (times 2). Second row: Rose Petal, Be-gone-ia (times 2), Rose Petal (I should have rearranged these), Pink
Cardamom, Coral Calm (times 2), Golden Quartz (times 2), Top Coat. Third row: Fruity Papaya (times 2), Peony Origins (times 2), Sweet Berries (times 2), Pomegranate Punch (times 2), Top Coat (times 2). Fourth row: Cherry Amore (times 2), Beet It (times 2), Grape Vine (times 2), Soothing Slate (times 2), Laven-dear, Top Coat. Bottom row: Laven-dear, Crystal Blue (times 2), Sun-Tastic (times 2), Meteorite (times 2), Lava Rock (times 2), Top Coat.

Sally Hansen has also added to the Color Therapy line with "Beautifiers and Sheers". All the new stuff is in the front row: three sheer shades—Give Me a Tint, Bare Kiss, My Sheer—Nail Primer, Nail Corrector, and High Gloss Top Coat. The back row is core shades (Powder Room, Rosy Quartz, Pomegratitude, Burnished Bronze, Well Well Well) and the old top coat (which says "glossy shine" in the fine print but I guess that's regular glossy and not "high gloss" like the new one). I saw the display below at Walgreens.

Fred Meyer had a different Color Therapy display with more treatments and different polishes. Front row: Nail Primer, Nail Corrector, High Gloss Top Coat, Nail & Cuticle Serum (sold out), Strenthening Base Coat, Strengthening Top Coat. Back row: Well Well Well, Savasan-ahhh, Give Me a Tint (new sheer), My Sheer (new sheer), Unveiled (new sheer), Bare Kiss (new sheer).

There are new shades of Insta Dri from Sally Hansen, too, in a shelf top display I saw at Fred Meyer. Left to right: Taupe Priority, Beet-ing Heart, Hail Cherry, Jet Setter, Against the Grey-in, Gold Play, Cuticle Rehab Oil Balm (in a stick; this is new for them), No More Stains Spray-On Base Coat.

We didn't get a holiday collection from SinfulColors but something new showed up at Fred Meyer in this new year: Sporty Brights, which says it's "inspired by the look & feel of your sneakers". Apparently these are textured polishes. Also apparent: they changed the printing on the bottles, with a new font, and splitting the words Sinful and Colors, so I guess maybe they don't style their name as SinfulColors any more, but who the heck knows as their website is a mess. Front row: Trainers, Double Time, Shoot & Swishhh, Warning, Fitspo. Back row: Rubber Top Coat, Fit Chick (times 2), Rubber Top Coat, Werk Out.

And that's it; all the new stuff I've seen in the last month. Thank goodness for Sally Hansen and Essie or this would have been a really short post!

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  1. Great post. I like the wrapped Essies, something a bit different! All pastels and lights really. The Sinful Colors look nice and bold :-D


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