Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Wheel 013: Glitters from Piggy Polish

I didn't have quite enough Piggy Polish glitters left to fill out a wheel, so my one Defy & Inspire Vita Fit glitter joined the party.

(clear topcoat was added to glitter coats noted below) 1. Defy & Inspire Vita Fit Challenge Your Limits (3 coats)
2. Piggy Polish Spirng-kle (2 over half black base)
3. Piggy Polish Three Cheers and a Tiger (2)
4. Piggy Polish Shiver Me Tinsel (2)
5. Piggy Polish Lightmare (3)
6. Piggy Polish Sunshine on Snowflakes (3) [this is the version with no holo glitter; the one with the scattered holo glitter is on Wheel W8]
7. Piggy Polish And to All a Gold Night (2)
8. Piggy Polish Far More Than Rubies (3)
9. Piggy Polish Pink is the New Heart (3) [so very similar to 8, just denser with glitter]
10. Piggy Polish Where Stars Meet (2)
11. Piggy Polish Wishes & Dreams (2)
12. Piggy Polish To Top It Off (3)
13. Piggy Polish Glam Slam (2)
14. Piggy Polish Be Daring Darling (2)
15. Piggy Polish Lametta (2)
16. Piggy Polish unknown (2) [I think this is Finger Fireworks, but the bottom label is missing]
17. Piggy Polish Never Hide (2)
18. Piggy Polish Irish I Was Irish (2)
19. Piggy Polish Garden Galaxy (2)
20. Piggy Polish unknown (2) [looks to be a dupe of 19; I don't know what happened here other than maybe they released Garden Galaxy with a different name and fooled me into buying a second bottle]

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:










  1. Some great ones with good coverage :-D

    1. Indeed. The only thing I didn't like about this brand was their tendency to re-issue shades under new names (sometimes just putting the new stickers over the old on the bottom of the bottles). Then once they used the same name for a similar but definitely not the same shade rather than giving the new shade a new name.


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