Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Wheel N13: Light Blue Cremes

Though I haven't quite finished my green cremes, I've moved on to blue for a slight change of pace (and because I'm sure in sorting them, I'll find some green-leaning turquoises to group with the blue-leaning teals I have left in my green creme box). Today it's light blues, which includes a couple polishes that wouldn't have been on this wheel when they were new but are now due to their pigment fading. Sure, I could get rid of them as they are no longer what they were, but I look at it as getting new colors. Granted, they're usually duller colors than what I started with; such is life.
light blue creme nail polishes
1. China Glaze New Birth (3 coats)
2. Finger Paints Blue Raspberry Taffy (3) [this has faded badly; it originally was a medium sky blue, as shown in this picture of the collection—now it's not even really blue anymore, more like a greige]
3. Maybelline Color Show Poolside (3)
4. Fresh Paint Firefly (2)
5. Rescue Beauty Lounge Better Than Boyfriend Jeans (3)
6. Essie Find Me an Oasis (3)
7. Inocos Lindo Como a Céu (3)
8. Beautifully Disney Off to the Ball (3)
9. Studio M Tropical Getaway (3)
10. Nailtopia Hula Girl (2) [this is might hold the record for fastest time from purchase to wheel; it was in my last display post and I still want to swatch it]
11. Color Club In De-nile (2)
12. Essie Blue-la-la (2)
13. Studio M Whose That Girl (2) [sic]
14. SinfulColors Bright Lucite (2)
15. NYC In a New York Color Minute Raindrop (2)
16. Kit Bombshell (2)
17. Butter London Petticoat (2)
18. Andreia Pocket 131 (2)
19. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure In Full Blue-m (2)
20. Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine Teal Slowly and See (2) [the other fader in this group; it was more of a turquoise than a teal orginially despite the name; this is the second bottle I bought of this as the first was a casualty of the great nail polish crash of 2014]

Bottles 1 through 5:
light blue creme nail polishes
6 through 9:
light blue creme nail polishes
10 through 12:
light blue creme nail polishes
13 through 17:
light blue creme nail polishes
18 through 20:
light blue creme nail polishes
light blue creme nail polishes
light blue creme nail polishes
light blue creme nail polishes
light blue creme nail polishes
light blue creme nail polishes
light blue creme nail polishes
light blue creme nail polishes
(P.S. My apologies for the blurriness of most of the bottle photos. I'm not sure what happened, but I'll take new ones and replace these as soon as I can manage.)


  1. These are nice and delicate :-D

    1. Ananka, indeed. One could argue I am overstocked but I'm okay with that.

  2. Sky blues and periwinkles are favorites of mine, so this post makes me happy. 😊


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