Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Wheel Q13: Glitters from CrowsToes

Today for Nail Wheel Wednesday I've got a whole bunch of glitters from CrowsToes Nail Color, all from back in what I think of as the golden age of indies when there was lots of glitter around. These particular polishes are from the early 2010s if I recall correctly; I sort of lost touch with the brand around 2013 or so (they shut down entirely in 2018). I know lots of folks think now is the golden age of indies, but for me it's too much now ... too many brands to keep track of, too many boxes and collabs and such that I always feel like I'm missing something, too hard to know who's a crap person that I don't want to spend money with. I'm still buying indies, of course, mostly from brands where I've met the maker or I have friends who have, but it doesn't feel quite as fun as it did back when the indie world was smaller. Of course, nothing feels quite as fun these days, what with the pandemic and political climate in my country.

(all have clear topcoat added to glitter coats noted below) 1. CrowsToes Bone Daddy (2 coats over 1/2 black base)
2. CrowsToes Bunny Slope (1 coat over 1/2 black, 1/2 tan base)
3. CrowsToes Maxxed Out (2)
4. CrowsToes Thing (2)
5. CrowsToes Umm No He Went to the Pawn Shop (2)
6. CrowsToes Milquetoast (2)
7. CrowsToes Her Goose Got Cooked (2)
8. CrowsToes Heart Shaped Box of Horse*!@#! (2)
9. CrowsToes Shoot the Butterfly (3)
10. CrowsToes VooDoo (2) [wish I'd put a dark base under this so the little holo could pop]
11. CrowsToes Hell Hath No Fury (2)
12. CrowsToes Holly and Hellfire (2)
13. CrowsToes Morticia (2)
14. CrowsToes Wonder Woman (2)
15. CrowsToes Making Christmas (2)
16. CrowsToes Last Call at the Crow Bar (2)
17. CrowsToes Triple Black Diamond (2)
18. CrowsToes Tangled Web (2)
19. CrowsToes A Christmas Crow (2)
20. CrowsToes HeratBreaker (2)
[this was a group custom]
Bottles 1 through 5:


6 through 10:


11 through 15:


16 through 20:











  1. These are nice. A lot of mainstream brands now do such glitters!

    1. True, there are some. I feel like the old indies had more variety to them and denser glitter overall, but maybe that's just the ones I bought back then. :)


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