Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Wheel C14: Dead Thermals

Today's Nail Wheel Wednesday is a lesson in what happens to thermals when one waits too long to use them: they turn into non-thermals and one has to hope that the state they got stuck in is pleasing.

Above is at room temperature (so, cool, since it's Idaho in winter). Below is after being run under hot water. Number 3 shows a slight change, but the rest are unmoved by being warmed up. Oh well. These things happen, and most (all?) of these are five to ten years old.

1. Claire's Mood Daring/Ditsy (2 coats)
2. Claire's Mood Mellow/Crazy (2)
3. Claire's Mood Awesome/Silly (4)
4. Claire's Mood Calm/Wild (2)
5. Claire's Mood Fabulous/Funky (3)
6. Claire's Mood Happy/Earthy (3)
7. Claire's Mood Lonely/Loved (2)
8. Claire's Mood Peaceful/Confident (2)
9. Claire's Mood Hyper/Relaxed (2)
10. Funky Fingers The Moody Blues (2)
11. Funky Fingers Mellow Mood (2)
12. Funky Fingers In the Mood (2)
13. Fresh Paint Mood Mai Tai (2)
14. Fresh Paint Mood Firefly Sunset (2) [label says "Firefly Sunse" which I have to assume is a typo]
15. Fresh Paint Mood Blue Lagoon (2)
16. Fresh Paint Mood Midsummer's Night (2) [label says "Midsummer's N", so I guessed]
17. Fresh Paint Mood Tomorrowland (2)
18. Fresh Paint Mood Wander Dusk (2)
19. Fresh Paint Mood Celestial Dawn (2) [label says "Celestial Daw"]
20. Dona Mirelle Opti Grow Thermo 105 (or t05) (2) [one of my Minsk purchases; this used to be blue, so not only has the thermal gone, the color has too]

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 9:

10 through 12:

13 through 16:

17 through 20:










  1. At least a lot of them look pretty. I have some untried and unblogged thermals, better dig them out and try them. I do find running under hot water for a few minutes helps the change if it is slow.

    1. I might have to soak this whole wheel in hot water for a while to see if anything different happens. As old as these are, I'm not hopeful. :D

  2. I have Fresh Paint Mood #18 from Five Below. I should use it up before it goes bad! The swatches are very pretty though. I hope Ananka's hack works :D x

    Mari |

    1. Mari, yes best to try it sooner rather than later, I think.

  3. That's the reason I don't buy many thermals. At least lots of these ended up in a pretty colour state :)


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