Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Wheel E14: Crackle Polishes

I remember when crackle polishes were impossible to get and old Cover Girl ones on MakeupAlley were on a lot of wishlists in the swapping section (when swapping went away there, I pretty much stopped visiting the site). So when the later waves of crack came out, I scooped them up. And as my recent acquisiton of the Zoya one attests, I'm still scooping. I might have a problem. I'll deal with later. Now I'm going to do this Nail Wheel Wednesday post with 20 crackles (and I still probably have another 20 after this to get on a wheel, not counting the ones that have completely dried out and which I might just throw out rather than trying to rescue, because seriously, I could put crackle on my nails from now until I move into assisted living decades from now and probably not run out).

(all one coat over white creme base, except for #8, which is a black creme base)

1. Zoya Leopard Spots Topper
2. SinfulColors Black Crackle
3. Sephora by OPI Blaste Black
4. Ulta Quake Nail Top Coat
5. Maybelline Color Show Carbon Frost [left the clearance sticker on this so I could feel better that at least I didn't pay full price for the eleventy billionth black crackle in my collection]
6. Sally Hansen Big Crackle Top Coat Black On
7. Barry M Nail Paint Instant Nail Effects 311 [black]
8. Barry M Nail Paint Instant Nail Effects 316 [white]
9. Barry M Nail Paint Instant Nail Effects 315 [blue]
10. Barry M Nail Paint Instant Nail Effects 314 [pink]
11. Barry M Nail Paint Instant Nail Effects 322 [purple shimmer]
12. Maybelline Color Show Purple Possibilities
13. Avon Mosaic Effects Plum Illusion
14. Claire's unnamed [I thought this had a name and I just didn't know it because the bottom label was missing, but I looked at my spreadsheet which I fill in soon after I buy polishes and I didn't record any names for any of the Claire's crackles]
15. Sephora by OPI Blasted Purple Glitter
16. Finger Paints Crackle Effect Purple Crackle
17. Avon Mosaic Effects Blue Flash
18. Avon Mosaic Effects Gleaming Emerald
19. Maybelline Color Show Shredded Silver Stunner
20. Expression Crazed Deep Coffee [looks more grey than brown but my spreadsheet tells me it was this color when I bought it so who knows if it was once coffee colored]

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:











  1. I must admit I do like a good crackle :-D

    1. Ananka, they are so fun to use now and then.

  2. Crackles were one trend I gave a go years ago, but they just didn't work for me. That being said, you do have some lovely versions in your stash that might sway me to give them another chance.
    And it is nice to see that there are still people who love these.

    1. Vedrana, I think I like crackles because I crave variety. I don't wear them often but it's nice to have an option that looks different from time to time.


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